10 Ways To Survive A Weekend With Your GF’s BFFs


You’re dating this girl and you think you’ve got it made.

She’s beautiful, smart, and surprisingly funny. She loves sports, drinks beer, eats the olives that you hate, and gives you your side of the bed. You’re in it and there’s no turning back.

But, sometimes when you become so invested in a relationship you tend to forget one crucial fact: she had a life before you.

Before you she probably had her fun. She surely went out, got wild, and drank her face off. She’s had prior relationships. She’s been hurt, had her heart broken and broken hearts. She’s loved and lost and lived. That’s life before you.

But, now you’re together. The past is the past and everyone’s got one. It’s not your place to know everything (it’s certainly not mine) because your relationship is a new chapter in both your lives. And that is a good thing.

However, there are those who know your girl best; the ones who have been with her through the bad break-ups, the rush process, the all-nighters, the seminal moments. These are her BEST FRIENDS- her people. And if you want her, then you best make room for them in your life.

Fortunately for me, my lady has an amazing group of friends (as I had the pleasure to find out recently during a weekend getaway). And while I nailed the encounter, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to come prepared. So, for those in a relationship about to go through what I just did, this one’s for you. Take heed with:

“10 ways to survive a weekend with your GF’s BFFs”

1. Sing like your life depends on it…like literally

When the ladies roll squad deep, it’s like karaoke without the open mic. Music will be BLASTING. There will be Top 40 hits and throwback galore. I’m talking Britney, boy bands, Spice Girls, and much, much more. Even if they’re rusty, you better be ready to show off those pipes.

2. Understand the lingo

These girls go back a long way, so don’t be surprised with the inside jokes, unrecognizable words, and wacky nicknames. Take mental notes, fellas. Then when the appropriate time comes, show everyone you were paying attention. Am I right Slitty?

3. Know what constitutes a good photo

Fair warning: you will be juggling multiple phones and you will be tasked with taking an obscene amount of photos. The expectations will be high. So, remember, it’s all about proper angles, lighting, and keeping a respectable distance. Only you can prevent a disastrous Instagram picture.

4. Don’t be afraid to throw around compliments

Be the sweet one. Say something considerate and thoughtful. If their outfit is spot-on, then tell them how faaaancy they look. They may make it seem effortless, but being a girl takes hard work. Let ‘em know how much you appreciate it. That kind of gesture goes a long way.

5. Expect drama…but deal with it like a boss (there’s always a weakest link)

Everyone hopes things run smoothly, but do they ever? Something ALWAYS goes wrong. One way or another, sh*t will hit the fan. It’s gonna get crazier than Gnarls Barkley. Just know it’s coming and handle it with finesse. Cooler heads will prevail.

6. The drinks will be flowing, so stay hydrated

I cannot stress this enough. You might not know where all that alcohol’s going, but know that girls can DRINK. As a result, he who brings the H2O lives to drink another day. The water boy is definitely the unsung hero of the weekend.

7. ‘I wanna dance’

Just cause you lack the moves of Jagger, doesn’t mean you’re not expected to back that ass up. Your willingness to cut a rug is vital if you want to remain a permanent member of the team. But, for the record, twerking is a no-no.

8. Best bring something new to the table

Don’t expect to win over the group with just a pretty face and a cute smile. This isn’t amateur hour. You have to be worthy to date their bestie, so come prepared. Whether it’s with a hot new song, an awesomely obscure fact, or a life-altering website, you can’t be empty handed. It also doesn’t hurt to be insanely witty either.

9. Bond with the bros…

Where the girls go, so do their longtime boyfriends. Even though they’ve probably been a part of this world for quite sometime, they were once in your shoes. So, they know the drill and have since weathered the storm. Get to know these guys, because if all goes well, you’ll be seeing much more of them (and they might be able to teach you a thing or two).

10. …But, make time for ‘girl talk’

In the end, just remember, this is about getting to know her friends. They are the decision makers. They hold your fate in palm of their hands. If you’re nuts about this girl, then take the time to connect with this extended family. Plus, there’s no better way to learn embarrassing stories about your lady. And that is fun for everyone.