10 Ways We Can Treat Ourselves Now That Spring Is Finally Here


Yes, that’s right people…it’s frappuccino season! So taste the rainbow! And by rainbow I mean drops of water from window AC units…

1. Wear a sunburnt look.

I call this the sunburnt look because it does in fact make your face look sun-kissed. And I call it sunBURNT instead of sunBURNED because T’s replacing D’s is kind of in right now (re: turnt, surfboart). What I like about this is how natural it looks, despite still bypassing the whole UV rays/cancer thing. What I also like about this is how cheap the blush is that I used ($2.89, CoverGirl). It’s a great tool for highlighting light eyes and it typically looks best on fair skin.

2. Buy plants.

I won’t sugarcoat it for you and tell you it’s easy raising a family of cacti, but they’re pretty, so there’s that…Seriously though — did you know that keeping certain plants in your home can absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and eliminate a good amount of benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene? Me either.

3. Wear a bathing suit as a top.

Instead of spending money on new clothes, try first looking in your closet to see if any pieces that have been in hibernation for the past six months can be revived. For instance — bathing suits. If you have any full-piece suits, know that they work well worn as a top too.

4. Wear a robe outside.

Another major plus of this weather is that we get to burn all of our heavy, obstructive winter clothes. Or, okay, maybe not “burn” them per se, but just put them in storage until next year and maybe spit on the storage as if to say “good riddance.” Our closets are now more capacious, our homes less cluttered, and our outerwear options numerous. ‘Tis the season to wear silk robes as jackets, is what I always say! (And by always I mean right now, for the first time.) Just make sure it’s a unique one and not your dad’s brown monogrammed robe.

5. Drink mimosas and/or rosé any time of day.

To keep the spirit of summer alive, in the early weeks of September I tend to boycott alcohol in favor of rosé and mimosas. It’s a pathetic attempt at prolonging summer that doesn’t work but will give you temporary relief (and then a hangover). I’m just glad spring is finally back — a time when judgments are kept to a minimum and an all-day-brunch temperament is encouraged.

6. Wear bright eyeliner.

In the winter my body is on underdrive (re: opposite of overdrive). I end up expending about half as much energy as I would during the spring and summer on just about everything, and that includes my face. Always striving to out-lazy myself, I tend to forgo all makeup in the winter except for the shadow I use to color in my eyebrows. So when spring finally comes along and I look at my drab and bland face, I’m driven to extremes. This year I went from 0 to 150 in seconds — no makeup to a glittery, garish blue eyeliner. I know, I know…I’m so bad. Kind of like that little monkey emoji covering his mouth.

7. Drink real coconut water for cheap.

Finally, our credit cards are no longer in need of around-the-clock resuscitation from paying for so much coconut water because bodegas now stock real coconuts for a much cheaper price. And suddenly it’s take-a-picture-of-me-with-this-real-coconut season! (I don’t mean that facetiously and I’m not hating, just simply relaying facts.)

8. Drink smoothies.

Something that winter does not give us is the energy, inspiration, or fresh fruits needed to make smoothies. But come may, I’m a walking Ms. Chiquita Banana, ready to blend some shit UP.

Actually, truth be told, I don’t own a blender but I plan on procuring one very soon and then diving into these recipes. And this.

9. Wear hair clips that you probably bought from dELIA*s in 1997.

Spring brings out the inner child in all of us. Personally, I develop a strong hankering for sandboxes, picking my nose, and running through dirty NYC sprinklers during early May, but then again that’s just me. I’m not quite sure what it is — it could be the fresh smell of pollen and mating pigeons — but during this time of year it’s hard for anyone to turn down anything that screams “adolescence.” And honestly, why fight it? I sure as hell don’t, which is how I’ve come to own so many colorful hair clips. The ones pictured above were purchased at the 99 Cents Store.

10. Wear sandals with socks.

Yeah y’heard. Sorry for the unpopular opinion, TC readers, but it’s true. And there are perks to wearing sandals with socks too (aside for looking like the bees knees). For one, if you live in NYC, socks will protect your feet when you step into a puddle of feces. And it can entirely change the look of a shoe too — think of it as buying new shoes, from your own closet.

image – shutterstock