10 Ways Your Life Is Blessed By Having A Mentor Or Older Friend


1. Because they can identify parts of you that you cannot see for yourself.

They notice your quirks, your drive, your smile, or what makes your eyes light up unconsciously. They’ve experienced life; they notice these little things and can sometimes shed incredible clarity on why you’re feeling a certain way or what your next step could be.

2. Because they have experienced so much more than you have.

They have loved and lost more times than you, they have fallen and picked themselves up, they have watched people they care about fall down the wrong path, and they have said goodbye to loved ones. They have a wealth of experience and emotions and can share those times with you. And will.

3. Because they are good at giving advice.

They know what good advice is and what will actually make a difference for you. They don’t tell you what you want to hear, but instead bring honesty to the table, giving you realistic ideas for how to face the problems in your life.

4. Because they give you strength.

They know the right words to bring comfort and confidence and they will share them openly with you. They are your support system, your crying shoulder, and your go-to. Their experiences and unconditional love give you so much strength.

5. Because loving them brings humor and grace into your life.

They know how to laugh and poke fun at themselves. Their humor comes from a different place, a different life experience, and even a different generation sometimes. The two of you can bond through laughter, and your life will be enriched by their humor and your conversations.

6. Because they understand the multiple sides of you.

They have grown up and gone through their years of indecision, loneliness, fear, excitement, and confusion. They know what it’s like to feel two completely opposite emotions at once, or to have a different persona depending on where you are or who you’re around. They won’t judge you for this—in fact, they’ll encourage you to be yourself and to stay true to what you’re feeling.

7. Because their maturity matches yours.

They understand you on the deepest level. They get that you feel surrounded by people who don’t get you or aren’t in the same mindset and this makes you lean on one another for a more powerful connection.

8. Because they will be honest about their fears.

They don’t have a problem talking to you about what matters, about the painful or terrifying things they’ve gone through or learned from. You can talk openly with them, and they will be true to what they’ve experienced and how they feel.

9. Because they will be open to you about their mistakes.

They are imperfect and perfectly okay with airing that out. They know that have messed up, and not only will they share these lessons with you, but do what they can to keep you from falling down that same, painful road.

10. Because they understand what love is, and mean their ‘I love yous.’

Their friendship with you is real. They mean it when they say they’ll be by your side, support you, listen to you, and love you. They know what love is and the power in those three words. This isn’t a phrase they throw around—they mean it. And they will love you unconditionally because you have blessed their life just as much as they’ve blessed yours.