10 Women Reveal The Pathetic Ways Their Exes Dumped Them


1. He dumped me 4 days after meeting my parents. Not that I blame them for ruining my relationship, but clearly they might’ve had something to do with it.
—Caren 24

2. He left me a note on my kitchen counter. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw style, but at least it wasn’t a Post It…?
— Lisa 26

3. He did it through a text, and we had been dating for 7 months.
— Nora 23

4. He broke up with me at my cousin’s wedding…in the parking lot. Then he had to drive me home. That was a fun ride.
—Katie 23

5. It was 4 days before my birthday, and we had the whole evening planned out. Yes, it’s safe to assume that those plans never happened. Worst birthday ever.
— Amy 26

6. When he was breaking up with me, he called me his ex girlfriend’s name (by accident). I thought it was a joke or something, but nope, he actually is that much of a douche. The name is Lauren, a**hole.
—Lauren 23

7. He hadn’t talked to me for 3 days, and when he finally decided to answer my texts, the relationship was over (on his terms).
— Abby 22

8. This is more pathetic on my part, but when he dumped me out of nowhere I got really mad and revealed that I slept with his brother the month before. Needless to say his brother and he never talked to me again. Guess I can’t blame them.
—Carly 28

9. He bought me a pair of pretty expensive earrings literally the week before. A pity gift to ease the shock and pain? I hate those earrings now.
—Natalie 26

10. He dumped me the week before prom, and I still had to go with him. Thanks.
—Kaycee 23