10 Wonderful Feelings You Don’t Need A Significant Other To Experience


1. That almost-indescribable feeling you get when you witness a friend genuinely display how happy he or she is for you.

Having someone believe in your abilities and gifts is to have someone who believes in who you are to your core. This is immensely humbling and comforting. Everyone should have a friend who is proud of them.

2. The feeling of love from your family pet.

Aristotle once said “Ye cat is much better than ye man.” I mean, except he didn’t say that. Regardless, animals & people. This is factual. Make a list of people who have disappointed you and then compare it to a self-made list of animals that have disappointed you. The data speaks for itself, my friends.

3. The feeling of a free coffee.

You’re giving me a coffee, ..a coffee, for free? My dancing insides thank you and everyone you have every loved. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t drink coffee (how how how) you can also just get jazzed about free things. I am always jazzed about free things.

4. The feeling of waking up on your own at a reasonable hour (let’s say 10/11 a.m.) and feeling amazingly well-rested.

I just wanna hug my pillooowwwww and thank the universe for this moment.

5. The feeling you get when you run into an old teacher who you love.

YOU HAD ANOTHER BABY? YESSSS reproduce and fill the world with exceptionally kind and intelligent humans who will teach my humans!!

6. The lucky feeling of catching the train right as you enter the station WITH a plethora of seating options.

Girl you wanna nap? You wanna read a book? You wanna do something fun, you wanna go to Taco Bell?

7. That feeling of validation you get when you meet someone who maintains the exact same feelings about something

You hated the movie “500 Days of Summer” because you go to the movies to get your daily dose of unrealistic uber-attractive romantic moments, TOO?!?!?

8. The feeling of true relief upon successfully navigating yourself to the right place for the first time

I mean this in the most literal sense. When you can avoid a panic-uber because you’ve realized that you’re in Brooklyn when you’re supposed to be in Queens, then it is a successful day. Truly.

9. The immediate feeling after diving into the deep end of the pool on a blisteringly hot summer day.

Look at you, Michael Phelps gurl! Don’t you feel like a human adaptation of the lil mermaid? You’re cool, you’re calm, you’re a fish.

10. The peace that comes with feeling a hug when its needed most

I am an atrocious hugger (It’s a thing, I promise). My body gets all rigid, exceptionally awkward, kind of like a flailing little fishy. However, sometimes you get a hug from a family member or pal that actually feels like all the bad stuff in the universe doesn’t mean shit because the phenomenal human hugging you is on your side.