10 Wonderful Things That Happen When You Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People


It’s human nature to compare ourselves to one another, but comparing ourselves to other people can make us unhappy. When you’re able to focus on what you’re doing instead of what other people are doing, you will most likely become more fulfilled. Here are some of the benefits you can receive when you stop comparing yourself to others.

1. You become more grateful

Comparing ourselves to other people makes us think about the things we don’t have, which is a great way to cause suffering. When you focus on yourself you’ll realize that your life isn’t so bad after all and that you have a lot of things to be grateful for. Being grateful for what you have is one of the most important things you can do for your self-esteem.

2. You escape the drama

Gossip is one of the many ways people compare each other. Our envy causes us to tear each other down with snarky comments and by spreading rumors, which may or may not be true. When you lose the need to compare yourself with other people you’ll lose the need to want to comment about other people in a negative way.

3. You’re be able to live in the present moment

Comparing ourselves to other people causes us to have constant thoughts of the future and what it’d be like to be more successful than we are right now. The problem with that is that the future isn’t real. It’s something we create in our imagination. If we spend all of our time worrying about the future, we’ll never get to enjoy the present, which is the only space that life happens in.

4. You shed your assumptions

When we compare ourselves to other people we only see the surface elements of their lives. We only see what they want us to see. We assume that because someone lives in a nice house or drives a fancy car they’re happy, when in reality we all have problems regardless of our station in life. You’ll see the world for what it truly is. Your perceptions will change and you’ll realize that the only person who determines the quality of your life is you.

5. You become more motivated

You will have more motivation to focus on the things that you’re trying to accomplish because you’re not worried about what other people are doing. When you compare yourselves to people that you consider more successful than you, what they’ve achieved seems so daunting that it paralyzes you. You’re afraid to even try because it looks so difficult. Focusing only on what you need to do will help you to create momentum in your life.

6. You will take your time

You will run your race at your own pace. You won’t feel rushed to reach a certain level of success based on what you’ve seen someone else do. We’re all different. We learn and perform in ways that are unique to us. You’ll make progress on your own terms based on the amount of effort you decide you’re capable of.

7. You will build self-confidence

Comparing yourself to other people can cause you to have a negative image of yourself. When you focus on yourself the things that make you unique and valuable, you will build a level of confidence that you’ve never had before. The best thing about confidence is that it builds on itself. It will increase slowly, until one day you radiate it.

8. You wont lose sight of your why

When comparing ourselves to others we may start to chase after ideas of success that are based on the opinions of other people and not on what we’re truly seeking from life. When you focus on yourself you are able to focus on the most important aspect of what you’re trying to accomplish – the reason why you want to do it in the first place. Action without purpose is meaningless. Think deeply about why you do what you do. That’s where you’ll find truth.

9. You will get where you want to go

We all have a destination in life, but sometimes we lose sight of it because we get caught up in other people’s lives. Others distract us and after a while we become so focused on them that we become stuck on our own path. I truly believe that if you are focused, diligent, and committed, that you will make it. To me focus is more important than effort. A distracted, halfhearted effort won’t get you want you want. It’s going to take a laser sharp focus combined with relentless effort you reach your destination. This can only be done when you eliminate distractions in your life.

10. You’ll be happy

This is the all-encompassing effect of everything that I’ve just listed. Happiness comes from gratitude. It also comes from living in the present moment and enjoying your life while it happens. It comes from reducing the noise in your life. It comes from being motivated, patient, and confident. It comes from knowing yourself and having a deep sense of purpose. It also comes from doing all of the things you’ve set out to do. It doesn’t come from outside of you.