10 Wonderful Ways You’ll Feel More Like A Princess In Flats Than In Heels


Little girls are eager to try on mommy’s heels and stand in front of the mirror. It’s one of the first true princess feelings in life! When women wear heels for work, like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker, we feel like they have true princess jobs. When we wear heels to drop off the kids at school or meet a friend for coffee, we get to feel like princesses too. Or is the real princess feeling when you take off your heels at the end of the night and put on your fuzzy slippers? How about this: Hardly ever put heels on and feel like a princess more! Read on to find out why.

1. You’ll be more relaxed.

Now I don’t have to feel like I have an inner step counter that I want to be as low as possible! I’m no longer worried about my stamina for going out after work! Happy, healthy princesses are always relaxed.

2. You’ll be more comfortable.

Slip on a pair of jet black leather loafers for work, decked out with a big bow or a gold chain. Now I’m smiling like a princess instead of wincing!

3. You’ll be more approachable.

Kids are always cosiest with the elementary school teachers who have the most comfortable shoes. The librarian with the flat Hush Puppies? The music teacher with the moccasins? We’re all always kids inside, and now everybody in the world wants to accidentally call you “mom.” Now I feel as approachable as Princess Di!

4. You can make a new friend if you can’t reach something.

When something at the supermarket is slightly out of your grasp, and you’re not wearing heels, you just stand on tiptoe anyway. And when you can’t reach it at all, it’s a great opportunity to make a new friend! Hey there, feller, can I borrow your height for a moment? Now I feel like Meghan Markle being friendly with her new royal relatives!

5. You’ll be less likely to fall over.

No more twisted ankles! See me walk up and down the stairs like I have a spiral staircase at home. Now I’ve trained to walk down the aisle and will just be thinking about my mile long princess train!

6. You can walk more confidently.

Catwalks are possible in heels because there are no obstacles to walk around. In my Converse or Keds, I can step on an acorn, and I might do it on purpose because it makes my feet feel so good! Now I feel as confident walking as one of the royal babies.

7. You can walk home.

Public transit still on the fritz from covid? Feel like you need to take a cab? Fuggetaboutit! I’m walking home in my Doc Martens. It’s probably the same amount of steps to walk home as from the entrance to my bedroom at Kensington Palace.

8. You’ll feel more professional when you can stand and walk for longer.

In my shiny patent leather oxfords, I can schmooze at the nonprofit gallery opening until the wee hours of the morning. Now I could have met Mother Teresa and felt sympathy for the folks who needed it and not have had her felt sympathy for my feet!

9. You’ll feel more fashionable finding fashionable flats than leaning on the implicit supposed fashionability of heels.

Heels can be a fashion crutch. And you won’t be wanting crutches at all in bubblegum pink ballet flats with a peek-a-boo toe for your pink pedicure! Now I can be one of those princesses who’s a fashion icon. All of them!

10. On the more rare occasions when you do wear heels, you’ll feel extra sexy.

At this rate though, it might just be on a date night in. Wear a pair for your prince or princess!