10 Writing Prompts For Future Essays


1. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose the things we love the most. Describe your daily Facebook routine.

2. Have you ever witnessed something unbelievable that is not a product of your time spent in food service?

3. Describe a time during which you were forced to urinate in a stairwell while looking, drunkenly, directly into a security camera.

4. Sometimes our biggest fears provide our imaginations with the most material. Write about how many times you think about your eyes being described as “membranes full of jelly” each day.

5. Many people have fond memories attached to certain foods. Tell about a time in which you did not feel bloated after eating at least eight servings of your favorite salty snack.

6. Describe an experience you would consider a “near miss” or a “brush with disaster;” do you still know him/her?

7. It is sometimes said that you should be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Talk about a phone call with your mother that ended in tears. (Yours or hers.)

8. Our lives can change in an instant. Describe the last purchase you made before you overdrew your account.

9. Every culture has its own rites of passage. Describe the ways in which you hide things from your parents.

10. Molière once wrote, “The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it.” Recount a recent conversation about climate change with a distant relative.

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