100 Little Moments That Prove There’s Still Some Good In The World


1. The owner of your favorite deli sneaking a few freshly baked cookies in your bag without you noticing.

2. Finding a love note in a strange place that your lover wrote for you a week ago and has been patiently waiting for you to find.

3. Your best friend mailing you her favorite book in hopes that you’ll fall in love with the characters the same way she did.

4. The rare day that you find a pair of blue jeans that hug your hips, thighs, and butt in a way that make him want to cook dinner for you.

5. Overhearing somebody say something sweet about you when they don’t know you’re listening.

6. That quiet time in the early morning when you and the animals are the only ones awake.

7. Coming home from work and opening the fridge to find a plate of supper already made up for you.

8. Those few minutes you spend winding down in the driveway, while finishing that song, before turning off the car and entering the front door.

9. A home that smells like freshly baked pound cake.

10. The sound of your parents getting along.

11. Hearing your lover call you “baby” in their sleepy voice.

12. Fresh linen.

13. The smell of your grandmothers cooking.

14. Lunch with Mom.

15. That laugh your best friend does where she laughs so hard that sound barely even comes out.

16. The way he looks with that stupid Marlboro pressed between his lips.

17. Watching the FedEx guy walk up the driveway with a package for you.

18. Hearing the words “this reminded me of you.”

19. Shutting someone up with a good comeback.

20. First date butterflies.

21. The rise and fall of a sleeping chest.

22. When he brings you flowers.

23. The smell of a BBQ in July.

24. The innocence of a child.

25. Feeling his eyes on you even after you’ve looked away.

26. Watching children and dogs at play.

27. Fitting back into a pair of jeans you stopped fitting into.

28. Being right up front at a concert.

29. Music so good that it has you counting your blessings on the ride home.

30. Back roads in early October.

31. Those first sips of Gatorade after a long night of drinking.

32. Getting dolled up with your girlfriends.

33. Catching fireflies on late summer nights in August.

34. Being so excited for tomorrow that you can barely fall asleep.

35. Road trips.

36. The smell of pancakes on Sunday morning.

37. The way sunshine feels on your skin.

38. Tossing around a football with your brothers at a backyard barbeque.

39. Reminiscing on wild drunken nights with your friends.

40. Being trusted with a secret.

41. The way she looks with nothing but your t-shirt on.

42. Compliments from strangers.

43. Random acts of kindness.

44. The way your child looks in front of his birthday cake, eyes closed tight, wishing for something that you know is so simple, so innocent, and so pure.

45. Chunky baby legs learning to take their first steps.

46. Catching up with Dad.

47. A hot bubble bath and a good book.

48. A good rainfall after a hot week.

49. “You look like you’ve lost weight.”

50. Watching someone unwrap a gift from you.

51. Bonfires, beer, and good company.

52. Re-kindling the flame on a friendship you thought had faded.

53. Being asked to be the Godmother or Godfather of a new born child.

54. Getting into your pajamas after a long day and a shower.

55. Cold pizza for breakfast.

56. Going out for ice-cream with the kids and or the dog.

57. Your dog in your passenger seat.

58. Standing up to a bully.

59. That feeling you get when an animal is finally adopted to a good home.

60. Knowing your children are home safe.

61. Walking past a mirror and thinking to yourself, “I look good today.”

62. When a new love feels old, when an old love feels new.

63. Watching anyone play an instrument.

64. The way the wild flowers you picked from your walk with the dog earlier look in the vase on the kitchen table.

65. A good bargain.

66. When you and a stranger exchange genuine smiles.

67. Seeing someone check you out.

68. Hearing someone who was very sick is now better.

69. Miracles.

70. A full refrigerator/pantry.

71. People who smile despite all they’ve been through.

72. An addict who is now clean.

73. Homemade birthday cards.

74. Watching a person or pet experience snow for the first time.

75. The first day it’s warm enough outside to not wear a jacket.

76. Receiving a good grade on something you worked hard on.

77. Seeing a man open the car door for a woman.

78. Good hair days.

79. “I’m proud of you.”

80. When humans dance.

81. Being surrounded by family.

82. Feeling needed, feeling appreciated.

83. A clean house.

84. Flowers and plants that are thriving.

85. Finding out another season or sequel of your favorite show or movie is being made.

86. Taking or finding a good photograph of yourself.

87. Reading a quote that captures exactly how you’re feeling.

88. When Mom says, “Come to the house, I made dinner.”

89. Discovering a good diner or restaurant.

90. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.

91. Watching your children succeed.

92. The change of the leaves in fall.

93. Bringing someone out a glass of cold iced tea while they mows the lawn.

94. Love notes.

95. The way you find yourself less angry with the world when she wears that sundress.

96. Handmade gifts.

97. Lyrics that make you feel something.

98. A sports game so good it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

99. Uncontrollable laughter.

100. A good adventure.