100 Reasons Why The Really Hot Guy In My Class Should Go Out With Me


1.  I’m kind.

2. I recycle.

3. I want to travel the world.

4. I love my family.

5. I like to read.

6. I’m hardworking.

7. And witty.

8. I’m nice to strangers.

9. I love Jane Austen.

10. And Wuthering Heights.

11. I buy my dogs Christmas presents.

12. I still count Pluto as a planet.

13. I’m really good at English. (We can get our children a math tutor.)

14. I steadfastly believe that dandelions are flowers, not weeds.

15. I’m forgiving,

16. And trying to be more patient.

17. I appreciate poetry though I can’t write it.

18. I’m an optimist.

19. I’ve never been to Disney World, but I really want to go.

20. I like to dance.

21. I like to sing, though I am basically tone deaf.

22. I love The Walking Dead,

23. And classic literature,

24. Except for Dickens. Fuck Dickens.

25. I’m a good listener.

26. I’ve read the Harry Potter series like five times.

27. I doodle in the margins.

28. I’m well organized.

29. I’m a feminist.

30. I love playing in the snow.

31. I can cook.

32. I’m open-minded.

33. I’m never bored.

34. I’m quirky.

35. And funny.

36. I love pizza,

37. And BBC television programs.

38. I’m an introvert.

39. We have the same exact major.

40. I’ve almost mastered winged eyeliner (It’s hard, trust me.)

41. I talk to my dogs like they can talk back.

42. I’m a great girlfriend.

43. I believe in equality for all.

44. I’m adventurous.

45. I’ve never trolled anyone online.

46. We like the same soccer team.

47. I love History.

48. I’m thoughtful.

49. I’m the fastest cashier at my Walmart.

50. Sometimes I love the characters I write more than real people. (What? They’re nicer.)

51. I believe in true love,

52. And unicorns, dragons, and fairies.

53. I love pop music.

54. I think your eyes are incredibly gorgeous.

55. Blue is my favorite color.

56. I believe everyone has good in them, even if it’s way, way down.

57. I’m trying to be healthier.

58. I’m even running on a regular basis.

59. I’ve got some sense of style.

60. I believe that Hogwarts and Narnia are real places.

61. I have a great memory.

62. Daisies are my favorite flowers.

63. I’ve never posted a million obnoxious selfies online.

64. I believe in God.

65. I like to write.

66. I believe that no matter how old someone is that they can be or do whatever they want.

67. I’m caring,

68. And can admit when I’m wrong,

69. And hold my tongue when I’m right.

70. I may not be beautiful, but I’m spunky,

71. And entertaining.

72. I’m a romantic.

73. I think my nephew is the best person ever.

74. I can’t knit, but I can sew a little.

75. I’m a dreamer.

76. I’m religious.

77. I’ve read the Bible all the way through.

78. I’m protective,

79. And strong,

80. And supportive.

81. I’ve seriously considered what it would be like to be a Vampire Slayer.

82. I do realize how insane this is, and pathetic, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

83. I’m hopeful

84. I write fanfiction.

85. I visit my local library often.

86. And love cheeky romance novels.

87. I love the little hairs on the back of your neck, but I’d like to see your smile instead.

88. I hold doors open for people.

89. I’m a good person,

90. And a great friend.

91. I appreciate small gestures.

92. I think you’re kinda great.

93. And ridiculously hot.

94. But more than that, I think you’re kind,

95. And friendly,

96. And brilliant,

97. And would make a good partner,

98. And a great friend.

99. And just a wonderful person to know.

100. Because I really, really like you.