100 Things I Will Tell My Future Children


As a 23-year-old girl, who is single and probably not ready to mingle, it’s kind of ironic that I’m making a list for my children. I have no plans on having kids in the near future unless something magical happens. Also by no means do I have my life put together; I have barely reached any of my goals, I don’t make six figures and sadly, I still have my mother cooking my meals.

You’re probably thinking, Why are you even writing these reminders to your children that don’t even exist?? It’s simple, I’ve met grateful amount of people (good and bad) who have given me valuable lessons, I have wonderful parents who told me the same advice they would tell me at the age of 10 and as we get older, all of the advice I received tend to be relatable to any age group. Even as adults, we are reminded to eat our vegetables, be kind and have confidence. Why not start it young and be told to those who will mean the world to you. In my case, that will be my children.

Here are 100 reminders I will tell my future children:

1. Love yourself.

2. I will always be there for you.

3. Actions will always speak louder than words.

4. Life is hard and fun at the same time. Enjoy it.

5. Heartbreaks are the worst.

6. It will happen more than once, but you will get stronger after each one.

7. Take care of your siblings.

8. If you see someone being bullied, take charge.

9. Respect your elders.

10. Respect yourself.

11. College is great. Great experiences and you will meet wonderful long-time friends.

12. Save your money early.

13. Be humble.

14. You are smart.

15. You are beautiful.

16. Smile at strangers.

17. There is no such things as too many hugs.

18. Go outside.

20. Embrace your quirkiness.

21. Embrace your big heart.

22. You can’t please everyone.

23. Try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt.

24. Be patient.

25. Never doubt your dreams.

26. Changes are inevitable.

27. No matter what’s going on around you, Try not to compare yourself to others. You are not them and they are not you.

28. Cherish love.

29. Talk with confidence.

30. Always make eye contact with whomever you’re having a conversation with.

31. The older you get, your group of friends will get smaller.

32. Be passionate about the things you enjoy.

33. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

34. Trust wisely.

35. I think about you 24/7.

36. Always know I will love you forever.

37. Never settle. For anything.

38. Being alone does not mean being lonely.

39. Don’t be quick to judge.

40. They will tell you want you want to hear. It’s your choice if you believe it or not.

41. I encourage you to have a favorite NFL and NBA team! Go Giants! Go Mavs!

42. Don’t take everything too seriously.

43. Read. Read lots and lots of books.

44. Everyone has a story.

45. Find a hobby.

46. Stay up to date with the news.

47. After high school, that’s when life starts.

48. It is okay not to go out every weekend.

49. There is no right or wrong direction in life. Let go and be free.

50. Call your grandma and grandpa.

51. Use protection.

52. Cherish the moments.

53. Take lots of photos.

54. Be kind.

55. Instead of texting, try calling.

56. In arguments, try looking at the other person’s view before drawing to conclusions.

57. Always keep your promise.

58. Take risks.

59. You will face failure many times.

60. You are going to do a lot of stupid things but you will learn from them, hopefully.

62. It is your world.

63. Be selfless but also selfish. You’ll know which of the two to be when needed.

64. Write letters.

65. Take long walks while listening to your favorite playlist.

66. Timing sucks during the process but it always ends at the right time.

67. Boys will be boys. Until the age of 26.

68. You don’t need to get married early.

69. Do your chores.

70. Use your imagination.

71. Normal is boring. Be weird.

72. Don’t expect to have your life together by 30. It is okay!

73. Say “I love you” to those who matter to you often.

74. Travel. Travel as much as you can.

75. Crying is good for the heart.

76. Be a great friend.

77. Be a great stranger.

78. Never stop smiling. :o)

79. Be brave.

80. Say your blessings.

82. Success isn’t a race.

83. People can be mean.

84. Sometimes your intuition isn’t always right.

85. Speak up.

86. Drugs are not the answer.

87. Always remember to floss.

88. Wash your face every night.

89. Family doesn’t always have to be blood.

90. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I will ALWAYS give you mine.

91. When you have feelings for someone, let them know. If they don’t feel the same, it is not the end of the world, move on.

92. Never have people treat you as a second option.

93. Drink lots of water.

94. You will have a curfew till you are 18.

95. Being open minded is better than being close minded.

96. Nothing will be handed to you.

97. Play hard. Work harder.

98. Volunteer.

99. Take a challenge.

100. I am still learning as well!