100 Things You Will Never Be Too Old For


1. Buying a $0.25 gumball.

2. Flying a kite.

3. Coloring.

4. Slurping your soup.

5. Wearing pj’s all day.

6. Building a snowman.

7. Cuddling a stuffed animal.

8. Playing dress-up.

9. Kissing your momma.

10. Getting ice cream from the ice cream truck.

11. Leaving a night light on when you go to sleep.

12. Licking your fingers after eating Cheetos.

13. Drinking milk from the carton.

14. Jumping rope.

15. Hanging your accomplishments on the fridge.

16. Taking embarrassing videos.

17. Doodling on the corners of your paper.

18. Writing in a diary.

19. Sleepovers with best friends.

20. Giggling uncontrollably at something super random.

21. Making silly faces.

22. Playing catch.

23. Eating ice cream straight from the carton.

24. Looking at the stars.

25. Holding hands with someone you love.

26. Wearing a costume on Halloween.

27. Singing in the shower.

28. Rocking bright colored eyeshadow.

29. Dancing around your room to your favorite song.

30. Skipping rocks.

31. Skinny dipping.

32. Staying up late, just because.

33. Writing love notes.

34. Jumping on a trampoline.

35. Eating a freeze pop.

36. Buying the mac and cheese with the little animal noodles.

37. Laughing at fart jokes.

38. Sticking out your tongue.

39. Crying when you’re really hurting.

40. Kissing someone, just because.

41. Dancing in the car at a stoplight.

42. Playing with puzzles.

43. Finger painting.

44. Taking a bubble bath with extra bubbles.

45. Watching cartoons.
46. Running through the sprinklers.

47. Sliding down the stairs.

48. Laying in the grass.

49. Writing in colored markers.

50. Going down water slides.

51. Dancing like a fool.

52. Wearing comfy clothes.

53. Playing arcade games.

54. Getting a slushie.

55. Rolling down a hill.

56. Sharing an ice cream cone with your dog.

57. Putting your hair in pigtails.

58. Staying in bed all afternoon.

59. Going to Chuck E. Cheese.

60. Bear hugs with your best friends.

61. Piggy back rides.

62. Having a celebrity crush.

63. Screaming your butt off at a concert.

64. Going Trick-Or-Treating.

65. Spinning until you get dizzy.

66. Catching fireflies.

67. Climbing a tree.

68. Blowing bubbles.

69. Baking cookies.

70. Eating raw cookie dough.

71. Listening to your favorite boy band CDs from the 90’s.

72. Tickling someone, or being tickled.

73. Making a photo collage.

74. Reading a silly, trashy magazine.

75. Wearing fuzzy slippers.

76. Swinging from a rope swing.

77. Playing in a tree house.

78. Going sledding.

79. Making bead bracelets.

80. Wearing your best friend’s clothes.

81. Petting puppies at the pet store.

82. Pillow fights.

83. Going on a picnic.

84. Eating whipped cream straight from the can.

85. Cuddling up with all the fuzzy blankets in your house.

86. Building a fort.

87. Playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

88. Skipping.

89. Binge-eating junk food with your best friend.

90. Driving with the windows down.

91. Playing Hide-And-Seek.

92. Swinging on the playground swings.

93. Eating popsicles.

94. Watching goofy YouTube videos for hours.

95. Drawing with chalk.

96. Watching the sunset or sunrise.

97. Walking barefoot.

98. Getting your face painted.

99. Water balloon fights.

100. Jumping in puddles.