101 Little Things That Make Life Just That Much Better


101. Rainy Friday nights with nothing to do.

100. Movie nights with friends and lots of junk food.

99. 3 day weekends.

98. First flowers of spring.

97. Seeing a kid, with no front teeth, smile.

96. Really hot summer days with very chilly nights.

95. The feeling after a really hard workout.

94. Blizzards on days when you have nothing to do.

93. Mom hugs.

92. Stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall.

91. Getting into bed after washing your sheets.

90. Looking through old family photo albums.

89. When you know the bouncer & don’t have to pay the cover.

88. Staying in PJs all day.

87. Watching the sunrise.

86. Watching home movies.

85. Using a new bottle of conditioner.

84. Petting a cute dog.

83. Turning on the TV and watching a rerun of your favorite episode of your favorite show.

82. Singing along to every song from Frozen.

81. Your favorite store having a MASSIVE sale and not knowing until you get there.

80. Seeing a newborn sleeping.
79. Being at work 10 minutes earlier than usual on a Monday.

78. Getting to leave work early on a Friday.

77. Family dinners with more laughing than eating.

76. Not following a diet, but still losing weight.

75. Feeling confident in whatever outfit you choose.

74. Then getting a compliment on that outfit.

73. Finally finishing something you have been working on for weeks.

72. Inside jokes.

71. Being the only one(s) on a beach.

70. Nailing a job interview.

69. Getting a thank you card.

68. Getting any type of mail that isn’t a bill or junk.

67. Finding your old yearbook, and laughing at yourself.

66. Getting ice cream from an ice cream truck.

65. Sitting down and listening to a senior citizen.

64. Realizing that app you wanted is free.

63. Spending hours talking to your friends about nothing.

62. Seeing your ex date someone who is way below them.

61. A new music video on YouTube of your favorite song from your favorite singer.

60. Finding money from last winter in your coat pocket.

59. Getting a Facebook friend request from your crush.

58. Spending a day in sweats, and not caring you sees you.

57. Going to bed early and sleeping late.

56. Laughing so hard, it goes silent.

55. Rereading your favorite book.

54. Grandmas.

53. Dads telling you how proud they are.

52. Successfully starting a slow clap.

51. Concerts with your best friends in the cheap seats.

50. The smell of rain.

49. Using a brand new bottle of conditioner.

48. Making someone laugh.

47. Going for a walk a 9PM in the summer, when it is still sunny.

46. Making new friends at a professional sports game.

45. Getting to sleep at 3 AM, waking up at 6 AM and realizing whatever you did the night before was worth it.

44. Rubbing a dog’s belly.

43. Holding a kitten.

42. Tailgating.

41. Trying a new recipe and successfully making it.

40. Having new shoes that do not need to be broken it.

39. Jeans that come out of the dryer and still fit.

38. Randomly seeing an old friend. Then talking for hours.

37. Hanging out with your cousins, like nothing changed.

36. After parties.

35. Disney movies.

34. Watching your favorite childhood show.

33. Baggy sweatshirts.

32. Waking up to a text message someone sent while you were sleeping.

31. Winning on a scratch off.

30. Close friends who just walk in . they don’t even ring the doorbell anymore.

29. Watching random YouTube videos.

28. Being well into your twenties, and swinging on the swings.

27. Reading a tweet that is, surprisingly, really deep or inspiring.

26. Getting a text, from anyone, with Emojis.

25. Walking on the beach and collecting seashells.

24. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.

23. Baking cookies and eating the most of the dough.

22. Drinking a beer while watching any type of sports game.

21. Being able to hand a crying kid back to his/her parents.

20. The first workout/run/practice after an injury.

19. Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket over you.

18. Bubble baths.

17. Being totally confused and lost in life, but laughing at it.

16. Minor league baseball games.

15. Having a good hair day.

14. Last minute road trips with friends.

13. Watching fish in the fish tank, and doing your best fish face.

12. Hearing a kid laugh.

11. Getting an a good grade on an assignment you did at 3 AM the day it was due.

10. Waking up to the smell of someone making you breakfast.

9. When your favorite movie is free OnDemand.

8. The feeling after you organize your closet (or drawers).

7. The first night with new bedding and new pajamas.

6. Seeing the first flower of spring.

5. When you get tagged in a Facebook status.

4. Actually having your bra and panties match…without making it a point.

3. Crying while laughing.

2. Getting balloons.

1. Waking up on a Monday with smile because your weekend was amazing.