101 Times You Can Turn To Prayer For Healing


1. When you don’t feel strong enough to handle what’s been thrown at you.

2. When you’re in need of reassurance.

3. When you don’t feel like anyone understands.

4. When you need someone to listen.

5. When you feel empty.

6. When you are longing to be filled.

7. When the rest of the world is spinning all around you, and you’re unsure of your place.

8. When you’re tired, mentally and physically.

9. When it seems like no one cares. (He does.)

10. When you’ve hit rock bottom.

11. When you need a reminder of how incredible you are.

12. When you are on the outs with your family/friends and are craving a sense of belonging.

13. When you feel like there’s nowhere else to turn.

14. When your soul is tired.

15. When you’ve lost someone very close to you, and aren’t sure if you can make it through the loss.

16. When you feel helpless.

17. When you are heartbroken.

18. When you want someone to hear your cries.

19. When you are just beginning your spiritual journey, and want to talk to your creator.

20. When you are a seasoned believer, and still crave a reminder of how strong your God is.

21. When you are searching for answers.

22. When you feel alone.

23. When a relationship that meant so much to you has ended.

24. When your spirit is broken.

25. When you’ve given your all to someone and they left you behind.

26. When you’re afraid.

27. When you don’t know who you are anymore.

28. When you simply want someone to notice you.

29. When you aren’t sure if you’ll ever find ‘the one.’

30. When you’re doubting humanity.

31. When you don’t know who to trust.

32. When you’re sick of love.

33. When you need a reminder of the person you are.

34. When you feel sad for no reason.

35. When the world is crashing down on you.

36. When you’re in need of a father.

37. When your heart hurts.

38. When you’ve made a mistake and are unsure how to fix it.

39. When you’re seeking forgiveness.

40. When you’re in dire need of some good advice.

41. When you’ve sinned and need help getting back on your feet.

42. When you’re in need of a best friend.

43. When you’ve lost something important to you, mentally or physically.

44. When you are undergoing something incredibly stressful.

45. When you need emotional support.

46. When something major is going on in your life, and you want to share it with someone.

47. When you want to confess your fears and find strength.

48. When you are sick.

49. When you are in pain, mentally or physically.

50. When you’ve hurt someone and aren’t sure how to make it right.

51. When you don’t feel like there’s anyone in your life that is really there for you.

52. When you are so sick of the monotony of life.

53. When you can barely lift your head.

54. When you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be truly happy.

55. When you can’t find a reason to smile.

56. When you feel unlovable.

57. When you feel unloved.

58. When you feel broken beyond repair.

59. When you are craving spiritual guidance.

60. When the days feel long and purposeless.

61. When you don’t know what to do next.

62. When someone you love is spinning out of control and you so desperately want to help them.

63. When you’ve decided to give your life to Christ and need help with the next step.

64. When you aren’t sure whether or not to pursue a certain person, career choice, or life decision.

65. When you aren’t sure if the person you’re with is ‘the one.’

66. When you don’t know whether or not to continue in a relationship.

67. When you are being abused by someone you love and need the strength to escape the relationship.

68. When you need someone who will love you unconditionally.

69. When you feel that you’ll never be good enough.

70. When you need a reminder of your worth.

71. When you feel impure.

72. When you want to get back on your feet again.

73. When life seems like it’s passing you by.

74. When you don’t know how to tell someone you love them.

75. When you’ve lost the one person you thought you’d spend your life with.

76. When you and someone close to you had a falling out.

77. When you are literally clueless of who you are and what you want.

78. When you’ve done something terrible and don’t know how to get past it.

79. When someone’s done something terrible to you and you don’t know how, or if you can forgive them.

80. When you’ve lost everything.

81. When you feel greedy, selfish, or controlling.

82. When you’re sick of the ways of the world.

83. When you’ve made a major decision and want to know whether it’s right or wrong.

84. When you need the strength to stay away from temptation.

85. When someone you care about is headed down a wrong path.

86. When you aren’t sure what path to take.

87. When you feel persuaded to be someone or do something you’re not.

88. When you’re surrounded by people who feel fake.

89. When you’re in need of a genuine relationship.

90. When you’re sick of the way you’ve been living.

91. When you need a friend.

92. When you’re heading down a bad road and need help turning around.

93. When you don’t know what else to do.

94. When you aren’t sure how to approach someone you care for about their change in heart or lifestyle.

95. When life has got you down.

96. When you’re struggling mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially.

97. When you need guidance.

98. When you need to make a huge decision and you have no idea what you’re doing.

99. When you feel strange in your own skin.

100. When you don’t know how you feel.

101. When you need to be reminded that it’s not necessary to carry the world on your shoulders; He is already carrying it for you.