11 Amazing Fashion Movies You Could Watch Tonight


Partying is great and everything but sometimes there’s nothing like staying in on Saturday night with two to three bottles of wine, a large deluxe pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s and some nice comfy sweat pants. Yes, yes! For once you can just turn your brain off and look at beautiful images of clothes you can’t afford.

I love fashion movies because there’s a story in the clothes, and you can even learn something, too, as in the case with fashion documentaries like Bill Cunningham New York and Dior and I. But some fashion movies are just plan silly and FUN, like Party Girl, which in my mind should be required viewing for any sensible, fabulous girl or gay dude.

Here’s my pick for 11 fashion movies you could watch TONIGHT — some of these bad boys are on Netflix/YouTube, too!

1. Iris

Iris Apfel is a fashion legend, the picture of contemporary fabulous. My dream is to be as fabulous as she is when I’m 93.

2. Bill Cunningham New York

If you love New York you’ll be so turned on by this documentary on the relationship between the city and fashion.

3. Party Girl

I kind of want to put a thingy on my Grindr profile that all, “I’m only into guys obsessed with Party Girl.” Just keeping it real.

4. Mahogany


5. Funny Face


A 1950s fashion classic, starring Audrey Hepburn.

6. Clueless

Needs no introduction, am I right? Like, if you’ve never seen Clueless who even are you lol.

7. La Dolce Vita

One of Fellini’s most iconic films — and widely cited as the origin of paparazzi photography.

8. Cleopatra

You should see this for no other reason than the fact that Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe alone cost $194,000. In 1963. That’s the equivalent of $1.5 million dollars today.

9. Dior and I

A fascinating portrait of designer Raf Simons as he puts together his first collection for the house of Dior.

10. B.A.P.S.

Okay, this movie is terrible in every way, especially how it lampoons black style in the 1990s. But! It’s one of those movies that’s so terrible it’s hilarious.

11. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

My cousin and I used to watch Romy and Michele after school everyday and said all the lines to each other by heart. An oldie but a goodie. “That hurt. But it looked really good.”

Happy Saturday!