11 Amazing Things About Pride Weekend (From A Straight Girl’s Point Of View)


1. Free condoms

In every color, brand, variety, and fit. #SafeSex

2. It’s perfectly acceptable to hold your best friends hand without giving it a second thought.

No one cares – in fact, once you end up grabbing her hand you realize that suddenly everyone is smiling at you as if to say “good for you”, and it just feel awesome.

3. Hot guys in nearly nothing, everywhere.

I appreciate hot guys regardless of their sexuality. A hot ass man is a hot ass man.

4. Multiple uses for the word “fabulous”

There are so many things I did not know could even be described as fabulous until this weekend comes around.

5. Culture

You know how twenty somethings are always talking about how traveling is such a big deal? Yeah, well, so is immersing yourself in community that’s not your own. You learn, you grow, you get to feel like a minority in a sea full of people who are always in the minority.

6. Parties

So much dancing, and glitter, and people throwing their hands up while dry humping to the latest Tiesto album. I think I’m still getting the glitter out of my hair from last years Pride. It literally feels like you’re dancing for 2 straight (haha the irony) days.

7. Yet another reason to wear bright colors and short shorts

After college you just stop running out of places where it’s socially acceptable to look like Party City just threw up on you.

8. Female empowerment

I grew up around lesbians so this isn’t new to me, but for all my friends who love coming out (I’m just on a roll with these today) to Pride every year with me it’s a life changing experience to see so many shades of female energy in one place. Strong, independent, bad ass bitches who don’t give a shit what you think of them – type females. #RockOn

9. Swag

This is up there with free condoms. Every year tons more companies start to see the light in supporting LGBT equality, so every year companies like Sony, Netflix, Bank of America, Uber, AT&T, etc all come with their A game swag apparel and I stock up on these like a kid in a candy store without fail.

10. The summer feeling

Maybe it’s because I’ve been to about twenty Prides by now, but something about being outside, day drunk off mimosas, just having a blast summer block party style, makes it feel like the season has indeed arrived.

11. Love

But really nothing compares to the joy and elation of a community that has seen such persecution and hate come alive and celebrate love & equality. It’s one big party to celebrate that and to celebrate the one thing we all have in common – we love a good party.