11 Crucial Tips For Enjoying Your Cruise Vacation To The Absolute Fullest


1. Explore.

This ship is HUGE. I’m talking like 18+ floors huge. Like 3 dance clubs, 6 bars, 2 decks, and a mini-casino huge. So check it out. Find out when things are open and what deals they have. Check when food is served (duh!) and what time the bars do last call. Check up on the activities you can do when you’re at your destination. Then DO EVERYTHING.

2. Pack light, cute, and leave a swimsuit out.

You’re going on a cruise. Do you really need your hairdryer, full set of eyeshadow, and entire jewelry box? Probably not. Remember that you’re going to have to lug this bag around and try to fit it in a super tiny room. So pack light. And of course cute. There’s plenty to do and plenty to dress up for, so sundresses are a must!

Throw a light jacket in, too. And make sure to leave a swimsuit out so that when your bag is who-knows-where-but-en-route-to-your-room, you can still get your tan on.

3. Remember: all-inclusive does not include alcohol.

Yeah, yeah, I know. What a rip-off! Butttt, instead of being super salty that you can’t sneak on that bottle of Smirnoff (don’t bother trying…it doesn’t work) there are ways to solve this problem!

a. sneaky flasks – there’s even sunscreen-shaped ones if you’re feeling creative!
b. $$$ – bring lots of cash because you’ll end up buying a bottle on the ship
c. those cute clothes you packed – to woo the boys into buying you drinks, duh! Just kidding.

Seriously though, drinks run $8-$10 each, so be prepared for that. Your best bet is to indulge in an overpriced bottle or being a little sneaky with the pre-packing.

4. Prepare yourself for feeling like you’re continually moving. Because you are.

Surprise, surprise, you’re on a boat. AKA you’re going to be shifting and rocking all the time. All the time.

If you’re the type of person who gets dizzy or car sick easily, I would highly suggest investing in some stomach-settling meds. Even if you’re not the type to get woozy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And PSA: being hungover on a moving ship is not fun. So prepare for that.

5. Take advantage of the food.

So your drinks aren’t included in the price, but guess what is?! Yep, food. Praise the Lord, am I right? Cruise food is the bomb. There’s so much variety, it’s always fresh, and it’s pretty much available at all hours. 2AM drunk munchies? You’re covered with the all-night pizza counter and the midnight buffet. Clutch.

6. Take advantage of the FREE fancy dinner

Yep. FREE. As in pre-paid, inclusive dinner that probably includes steak. Or seafood. Or something ridiculously pricey (but not for you!!!!) So make a reservation, put on your best dress, and dine like royalty.

7. Try new, strange, creepy, weird, and plain old I-wouldn’t-eat-this-at-home type of food.

Because why not?! (See #5). And PS: You’ve already paid for it, so who cares if you gag on the stuffed mushroom and throw it out?

8. There is a pool for a reason. Enjoy it!

Why is there a pool? For you to be a lounging seductress in your bikini, duh! Kidding…kind of. But really, soak up the vitamin D as you glide around the globe. Ahhhh, bliss.

9. Don’t be afraid to get drunk.

Why? Because everyone’s doing it. Not that it’s essential to jump on the bandwagon, but hey, you’re literally on a moving party. There’s nowhere to get lost…well, unless you forget your room number.

Best part of drinking on a cruise? Your bed’s only floors away—let loose! Just keep away from the railings.

10. Don’t be afraid to dance like a fool.

Okay, to be honest, you’re probably not going to see these people again, so live it up! Your cruise ship has dance clubs, open pool areas, and DJ booths—grab your friends, some drinks, and dance your butt off!

There’s nothing better than dancing all hours of the night with the stars and ocean around you. It’s surreal.

11. Wherever you’re going, do every single thing you can.

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ll be at your actual destination—2 days or 2 weeks—but do everything you can. Scuba diving? Parasailing? Swimming with dolphins? Open bar? Do it all, no regrets.