11 Fun, Memorable Things To Do This Summer


Take a Trip

It could be across the country, across the ocean, or even just across state lines. Hell, you can even fill up your gas tank, pick a highway, and just drive. Even sleep in your car if you have to. One of the most refreshing things can be as simple as having a meal in a new environment; regardless of how far away it is.

See a concert

Summer concerts are the best all year. Whether you go see a festival, a tour that’s in your city, or a local act, go see something. Preferably something outdoors, but no matter what it is you won’t regret going.

Learn something new

Take up a hobby or learn a new language. The school year may be over, but summer is a prime time to learn; whether you have less on your plate or not. The days are longer, use them wisely.

Spend an entire day outside

Go for a walk, have a picnic, take a nap, and enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of the good weather days and leave the Netflix binges for rainy ones. Own a new recipe: Summer is full of endless barbecues, parties, and get togethers, so what better time than to contribute a signature dish. It can be as easy as fruit salad (my mom always makes a basket out of a watermelon rind-it’s famous in Indiana) or even a signature cocktail. Make something and claim it as your own.

Get a little exercise

Go for a swim, ride your bike, or just take a nice nighttime walk. Anything is better than nothing and nice weather is a perfect excuse to stay out of your hell-hole of a gym.

Read a great book

There is nothing better than sitting in the sun with a cold drink and a good book. There’s tons of great new ones floating around right now or if you’re feeling bold pick up one of the classics (maybe one you never actually finished in that college lit class).

Befriend someone new

Whether you met them at a party or in the line at Starbucks, summer activities are the best with a big group of great people.


My family always has a big to do over the fourth of July. Pick anything that’s worth celebrating and throw a party. Even if it’s small; the greatest things in life are made up of those single moments and little accomplishments. And nothing is better than a summertime party to remind you of that.

Do something ridiculous

Have a water balloon fight with a bunch of adults. Play paint twister. Take tequila shots with your grandparents. If it sounds fun; do it. There is nothing a little spray of the hose and warm weather can’t fix this summer.

Treat yourself, in any way you see fit

Buy yourself that sundress you drooled over while window-shopping or relax with a pedicure. Maybe even treat yourself to a little ice cream since we’re all perpetually dieting to look good in that bikini. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just enough for you; but hey, sometimes you just have to give in to the fancy.