11 People Reveal How They Think Tinder Has Destroyed Modern Dating


Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. The mobile dating app was first launched in 2012, and it is now estimated that about 50 million people use Tinder every day.

Love it or hate it, Tinder has (almost) taken over the world of modern dating. Here is what 11 people really have to say about the addictive dating app. 

1. “Tinder is making it difficult for people who want a genuine relationship to find someone with the same goal. There are too many options and people are too indecisive. Ignoring someone instead of being honest with them has become an acceptable dating behavior – it’s frustrating.”

–Nicole, 24

2. “Tinder has a reputation of being a ‘hook up’ app, as decision of interest in based on first impression i.e. physical appearance. Most people have pretty low expectations of romantic outcome, hence the ridiculous amount of swiping at a time.”

–Jason, 29

3. “Tinder makes it a little more formal as you can pre-screen the guys before you meet them. The good thing about Tinder is that you can start talking to them when you are sober instead of meeting them drunk at the bar.”

–Jill, 36

4. “When there is a ‘match,’ there is a mini ego boost, and it may or may not lead to a meaningless conversation (the majority of the time) that seems to just fade. First you have to swipe a lot to find a match (mostly for men), then messaging may begin and rarely does it lead to a meeting. It has given rise from slowly to completely ignoring people.”

–Sean, 23

5. “Guys have become very strange, there is a lot of hype to meet….then they go off the radar and rarely want to meet again. It enhances the thrill of the chase but dampens the desire to get to know someone better.”

–Audrey, 26

6. “Tinder has made dating much tougher and also made ‘ghosting’ acceptable.”

–Mark, 28

7. “Tinder does have an entertainment value – most people say they swipe when they are bored and keep ‘playing,’ so it has become a bit of a game for many people. I swipe right to almost every girl without really looking.”

–Nathan, 32

8. “It has made dating much more complex in the sense that it muddles with everything and makes the goals of the other person unclear. It adds an instant gratification aspect to the whole dating experience that cheapens it further.”

–Max, 24

9. “Most individuals do not consider meeting someone for a long-term relationship because it is completely acceptable to keep meeting people till they find ‘the one’ – a hypothetical person who is just right, but honestly all real relationships need work and they are not perfect. An idea that the current pool of daters choose not to think about.”

–Jasmine, 34

10. “Tinder is not all bad; it also depends on the user. There are people who have successfully met good people on the app. Personally, I know ONE couple who met on Tinder and are now engaged.”

–Cara, 27

11. “People have become professional daters – they don’t care about a relationship and they just want to keep swiping, constantly seeking new excitement. Tinder doesn’t always work because there is no incentive to make it work as there is a mentality that you can always trade up.”

–Dan, 40