11 People You’ll Encounter During Your Summer Internship


You’re really excited to be here. You want to gain experience and knowledge about your field of study and the mysterious “real world.” You’re probably going to meet a lot of these people, and let’s be honest: you’re probably one of them.

1. The Know-It-All

This guy or girl definitely stayed up all night googling the company and everything else relatively pertinent to the internship before the first day on the job. They are always the first person to raise their hand in a meeting, and they talk down to fellow interns as if they were your boss. You’ll know you’ve met this person when you meet someone that you instantly hate.

2. The ‘My Mom Works Here’ Basic Biddie

This girl is nowhere near qualified for the job. She spends her days at the office sliding by with minimal amounts of work and maximum amounts of name-dropping. Just so you know, my mom is the Vice President. Yeah. Just so YOU know, girl, that doesn’t make you the Vice President.

3. The Kiss-Ass

Similar to the Know-It-All, this person is one of the most intolerable people you have ever met. He or she is obsessed with getting (and keeping) the attention of your boss, and doesn’t care that all the other interns seem to think he or she is stuck-up. This person probably brought in cupcakes or cookies for your boss on the first day. And that coffee on your boss’ desk? Yeah, it’s from this guy.

4. The #BlessedToHaveThisOpportunity Troll

You instantly regret the moment when you added them on Facebook. With ever day at the office comes another essay-length Facebook status about what a great experience the internship is. Don’t forget the forced group photos he or she makes you stand awkwardly in or the ones they make you take of them. This person is obsessed with social media and themselves.

5. The ‘I Don’t Even Know Why You’re Here’ Person

There is always that one person who has no interest in being there, and has no interest in hiding it either. They complain aimlessly about how boring the work is or how they would rather be in bed. Collaborative work with this person is a joke, but only if you think doing all the work yourself and sharing the credit with an inanimate sack of nails is funny.

6. The Creep

This person gives you continuous heebie-jeebies. Something about them is just totally sketchy. Maybe it’s the fact that they smile with their mouth closed, or that they just sort of stare into the distance for minutes at a time. You kind of get the feeling that they murdered their neighbor’s cat, or something like that. Either way, this person is a no-go on the whole “let’s be friends” front.

7. The Future CEO

This guy or gal has it all figured out, and probably an extremely detailed 20-year plan. You either love or hate this person, depending on whether or not you’re the jealous type. They don’t brag or boast their skills and knowledge, but just a short conversation with this person lets you know that they are a BOSS. They are not here to mess around. They probably wore a suit on the first day and definitely carry some sort of briefcase or laptop bag. It’s in your best interest to befriend them, because you’ll probably need them to give you a job someday.

8. The Cool One

From the day of intern orientation, everyone has wanted to be this person’s friend. They are so effortlessly cool and approachable. They’re fun to be around, yet know how to get the job done. They will inevitably host a final huzzah/rager for the other interns at the end of the summer, and you want to make sure you’re at the top of the invite list.

9. The Black Sheep

No one really knows why they don’t like this person, but they just don’t. Even your boss kind of ignores them, and probably wonders why they hired them in the first place. Something about this person is just a little off, but you can’t put your finger on what, exactly, it is.

10. The Love Interest

You’ve had the hots for this person since the moment you saw him or her. Everything about them is irresistible, and you know you have to act fast before someone else swoops them up.

11. The Instant-BFF

You and this person really clicked when you met. Similar to the Cool One, this person is really nice and approachable, but they also seem to have a lot in common with you. Hold on to this one, chances are you’ll be friends for long after the internship ends. You’ll know this person when you meet them because you’ll feel the instant need to make plans with them outside of work: wine nights, movie marathons, etc. He or she is also your go-to person to vent about the other characters you intern with.

featured image – The Internship