11 Questions From A Craigslist Prostitute


With internet, the oldest profession on this planet has thrived.

What I imagine to once have been out of a brothel in the wild west has come to your fingertips.

Dani. One D. One A. One N. One I. as she told me, she was a “one kind of bitch.”

Goes on to tell me a story of the craziest client.

Shitty Boo Boo. As she called him.

She had no idea what his real name was.

She had two secretaries and she called them.

So they would exchange text.

“If I shit in your mouth and act like you like it. I will give you $500 & a $500 walmart gift card.”
She said she had a lot of randoms.

One named Not William.

He came to her and talked her down to $125.

He wanted to rub his dick on her thigh. And kiss her all over her face randomly.

“He had business cards he looked he made with his mom. It had his name a smiley face and his phone number on a post-it note. These was no vista-print shit.”

He looked about 40 and she thinks he was still a virgin.

And he got off from rubbing his dick on her thigh.

“Awesome. I’m a prostitute and all you want to do is rub your dick on my thigh cool.”

She said it took about 15 minutes including putting clothes on.

His final pitch was “If I pay you $65 I will drive you anywhere if I can fuck your thigh.”

Another would pay her $200 an hour to hang out with her. Watch a movie. Make out for the last half hour. Grope on top of clothes. “Is that second base?” she asks.

“I might of been a prostitute, but I had a heart.”

He became a regular. For $50 a hour.

He would pay for dinner, take her to the movies.

“I met his dog.” “Really cool guy. He fed me. He didn’t fuck me. and he paid me.”