11 Reasons Having A Dream Wedding Pinterest Board Is The Best Idea Ever


I mostly use Pinterest for hair ideas and recipes but I have to admit, spending a few hours climbing through the rabbit hole that is Pinterest wedding boards can be pretty fun & fantasy filled. Here’s a few more reasons why you should let yourself go all girlie while imagining your special day.

1. To bond with your best friends.

Every once in a while my best friend and I sprawl out with a bottle of wine, our lap tops, and a never ending marathon of Say Yes to the Dress and pin things to our boards while we talk about all the dreams and hopes we have for our big day. It remind us of the nights we use to spend when we were little playing with Barbies and dreaming about which Disney Prince would be the best kisser (Price Charming, duh). That nostalgia mixed with the company of your “sister from another mister” is one of the best kind of female bonding that there is.

2. To keep the end goal in mind.

Remember those days in college when you had to pull all nighters in dorm rooms that smelled like vomit – exhausted and wired from your healthy diet of Adderall, Red Bull, and stress? Then do you remember the unparalleled levels of happiness and pride you had upon graduating and accepting your rather overpriced diploma? That’s your wedding. You suffer through years of random hook-up’s, dating and all the in-between so that eventually you can find the person you want to marry and start a life with. Think of a wedding Pinterest board as the light at the end of the tunnel while you’re still digging through the trenches.

3. To get a feel for what you want.

Weddings are overwhelming events these days. You’ve got flowers, dresses, cakes, invitations, engagement photos, etc. You’re not going to even know where to start much less able to make informed decision about THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE unless you start to get an idea for what you want sometime. Why not start now?

4. Because your taste will change but some things remain the same.

Remember what I just said (if not just take a second, scroll back up, and read it again)? There’s a lot of wedding information to consider. And while trends and styles will change, both externally and internally, the things that are most important to you will not. This way you have a visual guide to show people, when the time finally comes, of what you truly envision.

5. To get in touch with your creative side.

Pinterest has always been a haven for those DIY goddesses that exists, but even if you’re not a crafty lady by birth, you have to admit that looking at all those cute and romantic wedding favors as you wildly pin them to your board has got you yearning to run down to your local Michael’s and start bedazzling things.

6. Because hating weddings is cynical.

Somewhere in your twenties you start to resent weddings for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you have strong opinions about getting married young, or maybe you’re just unhappy that you’re still single while the bulk of your high school and college friends take overly adorable engagement photo’s and post them on Facebook. Either way, let’s be honest – you are too young to be this cynical about love. Just take one look at a bride as she’s walking down the aisle to her future husband and tell me that imagining yourself in her place one day doesn’t move you just a little.

7. Because you should have a ball park figure of how much your wedding is going to cost.

The average price of an American wedding these days ranges anywhere from $18,000 – $31,000! That’s a lot of dinero considering the average age of people getting married is 27 for females and 29 for males. Those student loans don’t just disappear you know. So as crazy as it sounds to start saving for a day you haven’t even planned yet, having an idea of what the wedding you want is going to cost will help to inform you of exactly how much you should be saving and when exactly you should start.

8. Because we all want to convince ourselves that this could happen to any of us.

Just incase, we should be prepared.

9. To share your idea of your wedding with the people who might not be there.

Weddings can always be bittersweet occasions if you’ve lost someone close to you. I wish more than anything that my grandmothers were still alive to one day see me be given away. Luckily, with a Pinterest wedding board you have the ability to share some of your ideas with the people who might not physically be in attendance when that day comes around. Get your grandpa’s opinion on what dress he’d like to see you in, take an extra minute going over cake and venue locations with your ailing aunt. It doesn’t have to be a downer, and trust me you’ll be glad you did it.

10. Because even though he won’t admit it, the guy in your life wants to peak at it too.

Mostly just to make sure you’re not planning some crazy multi-day wedding event with his picture cropped into it, but also because guys think about their wedding day too (just not as much as us, because really, you’ve seen one dress you’ve seen them all). It’s a good way for him to see if your visions for that day mesh well together or if you have some major talking to do before getting hitched.

11. Because dreams are fun, and there are no limits in your own imagination.

Doesn’t matter if you’re already engaged, in a serious relationship, or single and ready to mingle – there’s a a small part in all of us that wonders what the happiest day of your life will actually look like. We don’t have to hold on to this vision, we just have to have one. Maybe it’s cliche, and maybe it’s premature, but it’s possible, and isn’t that all that matters?