11 Reasons I Love My Korean Mom


1. She made me eat breakfast (read: rice) every morning, and fruit every night.

2. She guilted me into studying earlier and longer because you don’t have all-nighter hakwon’s in America.

3. She drove me to every violin lesson and tennis game, practiced Spanish flashcards with me while watching “dramas.”

4. She made me start a beauty routine early on and advised putting on sunscreen every day.

5. She taught me how to bargain hunt and when to splurge (Ross vs. Louis Vuitton).

6. She’s around the same size, so we share basically everything like sisters.

7. She’s good at gossiping and highlights the importance of coffee chats with girlfriends.

8. She cannot run, but taught me how to power-walk and talk at the same time.

9. She knows how to put her feelings aside, reminds me to call others and put elders first.

10. She loves taking pictures and doesn’t judge your selfie obsession.

11. She tells the truth, even if it stings — out of love.