11 Reasons Why Every Single Girl Absolutely Needs A Guy Best Friend


Having girl best friends is important, but having a guy best friend is just as important. He’s there when you need him, among other things, but the bond you share with him is something that is irreplaceable. He fills a void in you that no one else really could and above all else you’re extremely thankful for him.

1. He has a level head.

Guys don’t really care for drama so when you have something going on in your life, he’s there to tell you that it isn’t a big deal or that everything will work out. He might not put his two cents in very much, but he usually will make you realize it isn’t worth getting upset over.

2. He actually keeps your secrets.

When you tell him things you know it’s just between the two of you and whoever else you choose to tell. Guys don’t care about gossiping and they don’t feel the need to tell other people your business so you know your secret is safe with him.

3. He’s there when you need something fixed.

Guys just have a knack for being able to fix things, no matter what it is. You can always call him and ask him to come over when you’re having a problem with your car or in your house, and he usually gets the job done.

4. He is easily forgiving.

Not because you do something wrong, which let’s face it sometimes you do because everyone messes up. But if your plans change last minute and you let him know you can’t hang out anymore he doesn’t get mad. He’ll just let it go and find something else to do. And when you do say something you shouldn’t he might let you know he’s mad, but it doesn’t take him long to get over it because he’s a guy and knows you didn’t mean it.

5. He’s got your back.

He will always stick up for you, as long as you aren’t in the wrong. He knows you pretty well; so he’ll obviously stand by your side over whoever else is going against you.

6. They aren’t really sensitive and that’s a good thing.

Their lack of sensitivity can be exactly what you need when you become overly emotional about things. He’s there to kind of bring you back down to your normal state of mind and most of the time that’s exactly what you need.

7. His words have a huge impact on you.

I wouldn’t say this is always a good thing, but in my case it has been. He might just be saying something without putting much thought into it, but to you it means everything. A compliment from your guy best friend feels more significant than from your girl best friend because you 100% know he’s being sincere.

8. He’s always honest.

He feels no reason to lie to you about anything. If he didn’t like something, he will tell you. If he doesn’t want to go somewhere with you he won’t make up an excuse, he will just tell you he doesn’t want to go. It’s refreshing to get real, honest answers from someone.

9. He listens to you vent.

Because when he has a bad day you’ll do the same for him. Even if he doesn’t fully understand what you’re going through he will just sit there and listen to you. He will try his best to give you some feedback, but he might even admit to not understanding what you’re going through. The important part is that he’s there for you and he’s trying.

10. He’s down to drink with you.

He’s always in for cracking a few cold ones with you and watching football. He’s also down for making the long walk to the bar with you on the weekends and lying around the next day hung over with you.

11. He’s there when you just want to hang out.

It doesn’t matter if you do something or not when you’re together. Sometimes he comes over and you don’t even know if you said more than 10 words to each other because you’re both doing your own thing. You’re just glad he’s there with you.