11 Reasons Why Perpetually Single People Make The Best Type Of Friends


1. They are always reliable.

When you need someone who wants to listen to you talk about your relationship problems, they are always ready to open their doors for you and sympathize with your sentiments. They can understand your pain and they do their best to comfort you and offer you any help that you need. They stay by your side and fight with you, support you, and help you become strong. You can rely on them for guidance when you’re not sure which way to go in life and they are more than happy to guide you.

2. They love you both on your good days and bad days.

They love you when you’re in a good mood. But they also love you even on the days that you snap too easily. They don’t give up on you despite the times that you slam your door in their faces because they understand what you’re going through. They never use your moments of weakness as an excuse for them to leave you. Everyone is allowed to have bad days so they give you the space and time that you need.

3. They never get bored of you.

You can have conversations with them about anything under the sun all day and they will not get tired of you. Perpetually single people love to have good talks and catch-ups so they are always interested with what you have to tell them. They want to know everything that’s keeping you busy in your life and your thoughts about certain issues in the world.

4. They accept you for who you are.

You don’t have to pretend when you’re around them. You don’t have to worry about impressing them because they already like you for who you are. They’ve seen your best and worst look, and you still appear beautiful in their eyes. It’s so rare that you meet people you can feel totally comfortable with, but perpetually single people have a special way of making you feel like you belong with them.

5. They give you genuine compliments.

They give you compliments, not because they want you to compliment them too, but because they really notice something nice from you. If they have a good comment, they make sure to give it to you in hopes that it will bring sunshine to your day. They are all about giving genuine feedback to those who are close to them.

6. They barely say no to you.

They love you so much that they can’t stomach saying no to you. All it takes is one text from you and they’re already on their way to meet you when you ask for their presence. They’re careful not to make you feel rejected because they’re afraid to break your heart. They never make promises to you that they can’t deliver.

7. They don’t think you’re needy.

They never consider you as someone who asks for too much attention. They know how much you’re hurting in painful situations. They feel your heartache even though they haven’t been into the same relationship that you have. They understand that you need someone you can lean on, and they are willing to take on the responsibility of making sure you are happy.

8. They make time for you.

Despite their crazy, busy schedules, they still find a way to make room for you in their lives. They don’t like it when their friends become strangers to them. When single people miss you, expect them to be clingy. They’re not going to stop bothering you until you have agreed to spend a day with them.

9. They don’t settle.

They are single for a reason. They have standards when it comes to finding someone they want to be in a relationship with. They’re not in a rush to fall in love. They’d rather be alone than be in a relationship that they don’t see themselves fitting in. And this is something that you can learn from them.

10. They inspire you to be strong.

Perpetually single people can survive even without a significant other. They don’t need another person for them to feel like they are loved. They don’t need another person to help them become strong. They can go anywhere they want and be confident in their own skins.

11. They have a great understanding of life.

Since they have spent most of their time on their own, they have acquired and learned so many philosophies in life. They have a great understanding of what they want to achieve in this world. They know which aspects of their lives are worth keeping and worth letting go of. And they share with you the lessons that will help you in your journey. They guide you to find out what your purpose is, what you’re looking for, and who you want to become.

They are the best examples of why loving yourself first is so important before loving somebody else.