11 Reasons Why Stuntin’ Culture Is Both Dope and Destructive as F*ck


Stuntin’ culture is big in 2015, possibly bigger than it has ever been before. Between social media and your favorite song, people are stuntin’ left and right. From showing off your new crib, to your dance moves, to your poetry skills, as a generation we stunt so hard our parents can’t do anything but shake their damn heads (SMDH).

Still, there’s a method to our madness. There’s a beauty and a beast to stuntin’ culture. Here are 11 reasons why stuntin’ culture is both dope and destructive as f*ck:

1. Dope: It’s a reflection of our confidence as a generation.

2. Destructive: It can make many without that confidence feel even worse about their situations.

3. Dope: It’s aspirational, and provides hope to many who want to achieve similar heights.

4. Destructive: It too often places material things at the epicenter of people’s thoughts and desires.

5. Dope: Often the person stuntin’ started from the bottom and is just flexin’ on the haters and expressing pride in what they have achieved.

6. Destructive: You can end up looking like a fool if your situation changes, thereby letting your ego take a bigger blow than if you hadn’t stunted so hard.

7. Dope: It’s a form of owning what you got and displaying the value of what you can bring to the table.

8. Destructive: Throws the concept of being humble out the window.

9. Dope: For those with talent who aren’t necessarily “on” yet, it’s forward-minded—a way of speaking what you want into existence.

10. Destructive: Can lead people to do extreme things to achieve that lifestyle.

11. Dope: As a society, we got a lot of reasons to be frustrated. Stuntin’ is the ultimate way to channel that rebellious energy without wilin’ out.