11 Reasons You Should Have Sex TONIGHT


1. There’s nothing like feeling desirable. More sex makes you feel hot, sexy and in demand. When you’ve been focusing so hard on work projects all damn day sex is there to help you relax, to feel wanted.

2. Sex is fun! It’s so exciting to explore someone’s body, to figure out what turns them on or not, and there’s a huge thrill in doing something to your partner that he likes, that drives him wild. There’s power in knowing you can pull that bad boy out — you know he’s waiting on you to do it! — and send him up a tree.

3. A nice, strong orgasm can help you sleep better. Dr. Sheenie Ambardar, a psychiatrist based in West Hollywood, says that “After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.” The male brain produces nearly four times more prolactin after orgasms from intercourse than after masturbation. The more prolactin the sleepier he gets. Now you know the science behind why you have such nice sleep after you sex. So get coming!

4. In order to reach orgasm you have to let yourself go. Research shows that you can’t orgasm until you release “all anxiety and fear.” That explains why you often feel the most relaxed just before the deluge. Imagine what you would be capable of if you could channel all of that relaxation into your everyday life.

5. Sex makes you feel more connected to your partner, assuming you’re in a relationship. That much you knew. But a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that the Oxytocin released during male orgasms — the “love hormone” — actually encourages monogamy. When administered as a nasal spray just before encountering hot women the study showed that men who had been sprayed with Oxytocin kept their distance whereas men who were not were ready to get it in. Oxytocin comes from sex as well as other situations that produce feelings of closeness, things like handholding or touch.

6. The rumors are true: sex really does put that extra pep in your step! After sex you often feel more confident, walk with greater stride and are better inside your body. One study conducted at the University of the West of Scotland found that sexologists could infer a woman’s sexual history by the way she walked!

7. It’s something to look forward to, especially if you’ve had a really long, stressful day, and assuming your partner is good at sex. You can send your boyfriend sexy messages throughout the day about who is going to do what to who and where. IS IT 5 O’CLOCK YET LOL.

8. In men, sex is linked to lower risk for prostate cancer. One study showed that men who have had sex with 20 women or more were less likely to get prostate cancer. So, coming is good for u!

9. The more sex you have the hotter you look! It can make you look younger, it prevents dry skin, and it even clears out acne. Wow!

10. You’ve probably been in one of those relationships where you start off having sex all the time and then…lol…it trails off and you get really horny and shave your pubes and get all ready and then your partner rolls over saying “they’re too tired” for sex and you’re frustrated. You feel rejected, maybe even unloved, when your boyfriend or girlfriend now makes excuses for not having sex with you when they used to want it all the time.

11. You should definitely have sex once a week if you actually want to be happy in life. New research published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science shows that once a week is the magic sex sweet spot (not that you shouldn’t strive for more if it’s what you need!). According to the study couples who have sex more than once are week are just as people who have more sex. But it all depends on what works for you. Maybe you’re one of those couples who needs it everyday, in which case, get it.