11 Signs That You Should Walk Away


Dating in your twenties is a difficult task; fortunately, it can teach you many life lessons. Sadly, I have managed to compile this list based off my own experiences, hopefully my own dating mishaps can help others from steering clear of guys who do things like this.

You should walk away if…

1. They are a drug dealer. Sorry, I actually have no problem with drugs and frequently dabble, but these guys aren’t the guys to date. Stick to make outs and picking up.

2. They have a secret phone…… This was actually the same guy who was the drug dealer. Both things are bad news. Anyone with a secret phone is unbelievably sketchy. Should be common sense but for some reason I thought it was an action that could be forgiven.

3. They pee on you (drunk). If they pee on you because they blacked out and pissed the bed why would you want a guy who gets so drunk he loses control of bodily functions?! If it’s a fetish thing I have no expertise on that area, so that is your judgment call.

4. Their mother hates you. IT WILL NOT WORK OUT. If they have any relationship with their mother she will win (and sounds like his family is crazy so get out while you can).

5. They know how hot they are. They will flaunt it, it will be annoying and you will feel inadequate. I once dated a guy who told me much other girls wanted him, was not a fun time.

6. They hook up with your friends. Duh.

7. Their diet regime is stricter than yours and they talk about it. No, I do not want to hear about how you had a chicken breast and brown rice for lunch while I just ate three cookies. Live a little, we still have time before our metabolism gives up on us.

8. They drink and drive. I once had a guy drive to my house at 3 pm, wasted and accidentally break in to my neighbor’s house thinking it was mine. We dated for 6 more months, cannot emphasize enough what a poor choice that was.

9. You do not see yourself falling in love with them. Even if it is just a casual thing, why would you want to waste your time being with someone you could never see yourself being crazy about?

10. They tan. C`mon guys. I do not want to be dating a guy who lives in Washington and is tan in February. No way I could keep up with that, and as much as I love vampires I have no desire to look like one in comparison to my boyfriend.

11. They do not think you are wonderful, and tell you how great you are frequently. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who treat you like you are average. You are not average, you are fabulous, and someone out there is dying to tell you.