11 Signs We Might Be Best Friends


1. You look like a nice, sweet girl but can’t quite help that you swear like a sailor.

2. You understand there is a fine line between enough drinks and one drink too many and usually end succumbing to the latter.

3. You have a “why not” attitude about most things and are willing to try anything once. You believe if it is going to make a good story after, then what the hell? You can sleep when you’re dead.

4. You roll your eyes at people who are excessively interested in money and materialistic things. You can rock your Coach bag with the best of them, but aren’t about to scoff at a good clearance rack either. You can’t comprehend high maintenance and needy women that just want, want, want. What’s that like?

5. You see zero issue with wearing yoga pants in public and believe leggings and tall boots are God’s true gift to the universe.

6. You have trouble with clingy, over emotional men and would sometimes view yourself as the guy in a relationship. Too many feelings skeeves you out, and when men cry over silly things you literally have no idea what to do.

7. You realize that frequent urges to dye your hair, pierce something, or get a tattoo are commonplace and cannot be ignored.

8. You believe in the sentiment “live and let live” and you aren’t remotely bothered by the choices people around you make and aren’t one to easily judge.

9. You don’t really see the point in getting upset over traffic, a spilled coffee, or getting lost. Life is too short.

10. You hate bitches, but love yours. You have never been a “mean girl” and will gladly stick up for whoever is in need, no questions asked.

11. You fully believe cleavage is its own accessory and no one should ever leave home without it.

image – BoyGoku