11 Signs Your Love Is Unshakable



1. Every fight comes to an end. You rarely have repeated arguments, because as soon as a problem arises, you find a way to fix it. Neither of you gets into a habit of making the same mistake over and over again. You might mess up once or twice, but then you will promise to change, and actually follow through on that promise.

2. You are both putting in effortYou never feel neglected because your person does an equal amount. You take turns washing the dishes. Folding the laundry. Paying for dinner. Getting on top during sex. It’s not a one-sided relationship by any means.

3. You aren’t obsessed with whensYou are never caught saying things like, “Everything will be okay when we have kids” or “We will be happier when we have more money.” You are happy right now. Not only in your daydreams. Not only when you’re picturing what could happen in the future.

4. You still act like you’re in the puppy love phase. Even though you have known each other for a long time, you still grab each other like two teenagers in love. You cannot keep your hands off each other. Your affection hasn’t reduced as you’ve aged.

5. You accept their shortcomings. You have seen all of their flaws, but they aren’t dealbreakers for you. Even if they never changed a single thing about themselves, you would be happy with their looks and personality. You like them exactly the way they are.

6. You have confidence in them. You trust them to stay loyal. You trust them to tell you the truth. You have complete faith in them, because they have never given you a reason to doubt them.

7. You talk positively about them, even when they aren’t around. You never complain to your friends about them. Whenever their name appears in conversation, it’s to brag about how happy you are and how much fun you had over the weekend. You rarely complain.

8. You cannot imagine dating anyone else. You never think about your other options. You know you are already with the right person. The person who fits you better than anyone.

9. You leave the past in the past. You aren’t still mad about something they did three years ago. You never bring up old errors to win arguments. You never hold grudges. You talk to them about how you are feeling and move on.

10. You’ve been through every emotion together. You have been by their side when a loved one died. When their career was in jeopardy. When their stress levels were high. You haven’t only seen them at their best. You have seen them at their absolute lowest and still stuck by them.

11. You are on the same page about your future together. You agree upon where you want to live in the future, whether you want to get married, and how many kids you want to have. You might not have originally agreed, but you were eventually able to come to a compromise that made you both happy so you wouldn’t end up living with resentments.