11 Signs You’re Secretly The Mother Of Dragons


1. You’re extremely protective of family and friends. No one puts baby in a corner. No. One. You don’t let many people into your inner circle, but the ones that are there are sacred and shall not be harmed (physically or emotionally) in any possible way.

2. Your friends look to you to make any major decisions, because they know you’re always prepared. They want to have a night out? It’s all but guaranteed that you’ll arrive with a list of trendy bars and the best order in which to visit them. As long as they stick with you, they know they’ll have a great time.

3. …And if an outsider dares to change the plans you’ve already made, you won’t have it. It’s not that you don’t like to add new people to your group of friends or that you don’t like to hear other people’s ideas… you just think that there’s a time and place for everything. And suggesting an unknown bar right before everyone piles into a cab is not the time or place, especially when you’ve already planned the shit out of this night.

4. Your Bullshit Detector is unparalleled. Anytime someone is tiptoeing around the truth, padding little lies where they can, you can’t help but roll your eyes. You’re the Khaleesi dammit. You don’t have time for this nonsense.

5. You value your friends’ advice above all else. You’re not invincible, and your friends know that. While strangers might look at you and think that you’re completely in control, your BFF (aka the Jorah Mormont to your Dany) knows that you would be nothing without their guidance.

6. You’re not afraid of a challenge. Someone doesn’t think you’ll be able to run that 5K? YOU’LL SHOW THEM. They don’t think you’ll find enough people to help you move? YOU’LL GATHER AN ARMY OF UNSULLIED, BY GOLLY.

7. You’re secretly super romantic. Your resting bitch face is always on point, so only your closest friends know that under that tough exterior is a soft center.

8. You hate the word “no.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know that you should be better at dealing with that horrid word, but you really see that word as less of a rule and more of a guideline.

9. You know what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it. No one has ever really described you as “subtle,” and you’re fine with that. It cuts out a lot of the confusion, and saves some time, tbh.

10. Scalding hot showers are your favorite. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing hot shower. In fact, you never really even think the water’s that hot; it’s just the way you like it! You only ever realize that the water might be a little on the hotter side when your S.O. attempts to join you and leaps back as soon as the liquid fire sears their flesh.

11. People know not to push you around…It might not be your favorite quality, but that fiery temper of yours ensures that everyone takes you very seriously. No one really wants to mess with the Mother of Dragons.