11 Stereotypes Every Girl Has Heard And Loves To Roll Her Eyes About


*Drum Roll*

Yes. I am doing the one thing that NEEDS to be done. Decoding the stronger sex!!

Everything written here is absolutely not to categorize the entire Sex into one category. We are all different, with different thought-process and behavioural patterns. This is just a casual (and funny) attempt at breaking all those myths that the world has about women.

1. We all (except my Lesbian sisters) are perfectly straight. Yet we do love to shamelessly stare at women with amazing bodies and lips and clothes and make-up. And most probably, we do it as much as men (Just with different intentions).

2. Finding our Mr. Right might be one of the priorities, but we don’t live just for that. We’d love to eat and not gain weight, to get clothes for free and also get the best job; just as much!

3. We do not hate men. Yes, we might all (most of us at least) be Feminists, but we aren’t male-bashers. We just want to be treated like they are treated; in absolutely every aspect of life.

4. We do not need your protection. As much as men might love protecting us and opening car doors for us and paying our date-bills and carrying our luggage, you don’t HAVE to do them. Yes, we love the occasional pampering, the problem begins when men start seeing us as the ‘weaker’ sex and assume a superior position.

5. We love sex. Or hooking up/making out/screwing as MUCH as men do. I also have many girlfriends who admit to loving Pornography. Most of the girls I know also love the occasional masturbation (No, this doesn’t make us filthy. It’s natural). The only difference is, we do not lose our morals over it.

6. Partying doesn’t make us ‘BAD’ girls. Wearing short dresses, backless tops, cleavage-revealing clothes or body-hugging attire doesn’t make us ‘desperate’ or ‘sluts’ or ‘attention-seekers’. We women love wearing pajamas and LBDs and trust me, our attire does not define us. So doesn’t our partying. Clubbing or drinking or smoking does not make us ‘bad’. These girls will be just as good wives as those who have never partied. Trust me.

7. Not all of us have maternal feelings (Guessed it right, I am one of them). Just because we CAN make babies, doesn’t mean we MUST make them. Our sole purpose in life is not being a Mother. Yes yes, I know it is a wonderful feeling and everything, but it is not mandatory. You might love kids. Absolutely normal. You might also not like the idea of ever having one. This is just as normal. So if anyone tries telling you otherwise, cello-tape their mouths and throw them off the roof (Okay, don’t!!)

8. We don’t NEED to learn how to cook. Since it is ‘considered’ normal for men not to know how to cook, the same goes for us. Yes, it is good to know it, but nobody should tell you ‘your in-laws will hate you if you don’t cook’ or ‘no guy will marry you if you can’t cook’. Girls, all that is bull-crap. Again, throw them out your window.

9. Real women are nothing like reel women. Not all of us are like the girls portrayed in the media. We don’t get turned on by men’s deodorants and tear their shirts. Not every girl spends hours putting stuff on our faces. We don’t have iron-flat tummies (Hello, we eat more than just salads) yet we love to wear crop tops. We don’t get jobs based on our complexion and most of us would rather sleep-in during periods instead of wearing white trousers and running or playing or jumping around town.

10. We are all 1000% different. We are lazy. We are clumsy. We like black. We like pink. We love dates. We don’t want gifts all the time. We are not hard to please. Not all of us tell our girlfriends everything. We love short hair. We love long hair. We like being girly. We might happily be a bit masculine (I hate the word tomboy). Not all girls can strut in heels. Not all of us do ‘Awww’ when we see a puppy. Not everyone likes shopping. We like watching cricket matches, some even play video-games and not every girl looks up-to the Kardashians.

11. WE WOMEN ARE THE BEST THING ON THIS PLANET!! (Kill everybody who disagrees.)