11 Stupidly Simple Ways To Become The Most Productive Version Of Yourself


You have lots of stuff to do at home, school or work. You set your goals and make a to-do-list, but you still find yourself getting distracted and unable to get things done. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you put the pro in procrastination. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. We have days in our life that we just feel super lazy and unproductive.

But what if I tell you that you can put the pro in productivity instead? Below I listed some simple things you can do in order to be the most productive version of yourself. Remember, perfection is not our goal here (because obviously, there’s no “pro” in perfection). So if you’re looking for revolutionary and bizarre ways to be productive, you’re on the wrong page, honey! Because these 11 productivity hacks are so simple that it can also sound so stupid.

1. Set a go-to-bed-in-30-minutes alarm.

Sleep is vital to our productivity. When working on things, try your best to set a time of sleep and set an alarm 30 minutes before it. This should give you ample time to prepare for bed. Make this your regular habit. When the alarm goes off, take a pause and ask yourself whether whatever you’re doing is worth violating your sleeping habit. Be creative on your alarm patterns and choose a time that works for you. (Don’t forget to set another go-to-bed-now alarm just to be sure!)

2. While doing your work, put those earphones on and play no music.

Before you stop reading here, just know that I am serious! I’ve done this countless times before and it’s quite effective. Especially if you’re in a place that has a lot of outside noise. Those cars honking, dogs barking and all kinds of noise can be pretty distracting. Putting your earphones on can help minimize this noise. You can actually play some songs if you like, but you must be careful. Instrumental classical songs are great and can help you maintain your focus. But playing a rock song can be pretty distracting because the next thing you knew, you’re singing along with it and have stopped doing your work.

3. Sit still, but also stand.

Whether you’re at home or at work, sit straight up. Slouching can make us feel lazy and unfocused. At home, investing in a good standing desk is also important. At work, have a walking meeting instead of sitting down. This can also keep us awake especially during a lazy afternoon.

4. Keep water and food in your workspace.

Stay hydrated. You can’t really focus on your work when you’re hungry. Keeping food and water nearby can also save your time from going back and forth through the kitchen. However, storing too much food can also be distracting. So make sure to store just the right amount, keep the water near you, and keep the food somewhere away from your eyes (in your cabinet, inside a food bag) but still within your reach.

5. Take a break every 45 minutes.

Your body and mind need break. After working for 45 minutes straight, have a 5-minute break not thinking about work. Watch pet videos, play a quick game, have a short bathroom break or whatever it is that will relax your mind. Do this every 45 minutes.

6. Brush your teeth.

Maybe you’re asking, what on earth does brushing have to do with productivity? I know it sounds ridiculous. But believe me when I say that it matters. Imagine yourself working after eating, then your boss comes to you or calls for an urgent meeting and there’s this tiny food in your mouth. Disgusting, right? Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and pampering yourself before sitting in front of your computer can make a big change.

7. Maintain a neat but cute workspace.

Fill your workspace with cute stuff that would make the stress go away, and remove those trash. Maintain a trash bin near your space and shoot all your trash away, you don’t need them on your desk. Be creative but still organized.

8. Do not multitask.

You can’t watch Netflix, call your boyfriend, do your school readings, write your novel all at the same time. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t work. Delegate your task ahead, and complete them one at a time. Trying hard to do things all at the same time will just stress you out and you might end up not finishing anything.

9. Set your minor and major goals.

Set your minor goals to hit your major ones. List all of your major goals for the day, and create small, manageable goals that would help you achieve these major goals.

10. Celebrate any milestones with ice cream.

Reward yourself with literally anything once you finish a work. Stop, take a breather, give yourself a pat on the back, eat ice cream. You deserve it.

11. Do not break the chain.

When you start seeing changes in your productivity, do not break that chain! Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you must be doing something really great. If you still have backlogs even after trying, evaluate your method and know where you’re going wrong. It can be your time of sleep, or the noise, or your frequent hunger. Whatever it is, work on it.

Remember, being productive starts with yourself and you can only achieve it if you change the way you think. Believe in yourself that you can, but most importantly, love what you do. You may have a perfect 10 for your productivity but if your heart is not in it, it could be worthless. Quality is more important than quantity. Do not aim to do things faster, just aim to do things better.