11 Things Anyone Raised By Super Artsy Parents Can Relate To


1. Every vacation involves visiting an art museum.

Sometimes your vacation destinations are focused entirely on art. It was totally normal when your family would travel to some random city that no one has ever heard of simply because they are known for their amazing art museum. Your parents go places purely for a culturally artistic experience.

2. You were encouraged to embrace your creativity.

Some parents hope their children will become doctors, your parents gave you a pile of clay and said one day you’ll be the next Michelangelo.

3. The home you grew up in is covered in art that other people don’t understand.

When there’s a bejeweled mannequin sitting in your living room most people question why it’s there, and most of the time they don’t fully understand your answer. “My mom made that.” “Oh…”

4. You often felt you weren’t creative enough.

Your finger paintings just never measured up to your parents’ master pieces. You’d like to think you inherited their creative genes, but sometimes your creativity shines in different ways.

5. Your birthday gifts were often hand made.

And you absolutely loved it. While other kids were asking for iPods, you were thrilled to open your framed pop art painting of Justin Timberlake that your mom created herself.

6. You give your friends and family hand made birthday gifts.

Like parent, like child. Your parents taught you to appreciate the effort put into hand made gifts, and your friends love it when you get creative for their presents. There’s nothing better than a personally painted wine glass for your 21st birthday, and your friends know this to be true.

7. You know random facts about random works of art.

If there’s ever an art category in any game of trivia you kick ass at it. All those dinner conversations about paintings, sculptures, and museums paid off for something.

8. There’s a room in your family’s home that is full of art supplies.

And dedicated to creating art. You call it the studio. Your friends saw it as a room full of clutter, but it was often your space for inspiration and expression.

9. Your parents were never good at helping you with your math homework.

They knew nothing about algebra, but if you ever had an art project they were more than happy to help.

10. Your mom or dad would pick you up at school in a smock covered in paint or clay.

Your parent’s work clothes did not require a suit or tie. It was normal when your mom walked around the house in blue jeans covered in paint.

10. Their social life is often more interesting than yours.

When you have artsy parents they are constantly doing artsy things. While you’re on the couch watching Netflix with your dog, they’re in a theatre watching some obscure play.

11. You admire their artistic outlook on life.

They’re constantly expressing themselves in the most creative ways, and they never cease to inspire you.