11 Things Every Person Should Do At Least Once A Year


Because life is short and comfort zones are boring.

1. Traverse a new frontier

This doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on an exotic vacation to Guam – though if you have the available cash, go for it. Maybe there’s a town or national park in your state or region you’ve never visited – check it out. Often times some of the most precious gems are hidden right around the corner from us. You just need to look to see them.

2. Expand your palate

We all have our comfort foods. Many times, we know what we’re going to order at our usual restaurant before even opening the menu. Try something new. You may just come across your new favorite dish to order over and over again.

3. Spoil yourself

You kept up with that ridiculous juicing diet for three months now, treat yourself to some ice cream. You deserve it.

4. Kiss a stranger

Not if you’re in a committed relationship though. That could be bad.

5. Overcome a fear

Does the thought of public speaking terrify you to the point where you just about piss yourself? Sign up at a local open-mic event. A little urine never hurt anybody.

6. Make amends

Life is short and grudges hurt no one but ourselves. Swallow your pride and be the bigger person.

7. Study a subject of interest

Always wanted to learn Spanish? Do it. Wondering what all this new talk of Bitcoin is about? Research it. This day and age we have endless amounts of information at the end of our fingertips, literally. Stop Facebook stalking your ex and take advantage of the plethora of knowledge out there.

8. Commit a completely selfless act

Adopt a dog from a kill shelter. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Put some good Karma out into the world and see the spiritual rewards it can endow.

9. Disconnect for 24 hours

Lock away your laptop, cell phone, and iPad. You won’t die if you don’t Instagram your next meal. Turn off the radio and television. You can always catch the new episode of Girls later. These days we’re so bombarded by information overload. Give your brain a detox for a while.

10. Read a book

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2014, the majority of Americans (76%) read at least one book in the span of a year (wooo hooo!). But that means, if I did my math correctly, there’s still 24% out there who’ve used these treasures for nothing more than paperweights in the last 12-months. I can’t emphasize enough how transformative reading can be. I’m not saying you have to read a thousand-page epic write up. Even if it’s just the paperback version of your favorite movie – read, read, READ.

11. Act out of character

Belt out your favorite song at a karaoke bar, even if you have to take a shot or two to do it. Take up a knitting class even though you have no interest in the craft whatsoever. Try being someone different for a while.

You never know, you just might find your new favorite you.