11 Things Men Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You’re Just Not Into Them


1. You don’t reply to their messages right away.

When you aren’t replying to every single text they send, that should be a warning sign to guys that you probably aren’t just busy – you’re just not into them.

2. When your friends ask about the new guy in your life, you don’t know what to say about him.

When friends and family ask about your dating life, you honestly have no idea what to say to them. Let’s face it, if you were truly interested you would be telling everyone you know and their mother about this special guy.

3. You don’t have the urge to hold his hand on your dates.

If you don’t even have the energy to want to reach out and grab his hand, you really aren’t feeling the chemistry. If you are really interested in someone, you would want to be as close as possible to them.

4. When you get a text from him, you don’t feel anything.

If you hear from him and don’t feel a single butterfly in your stomach, this may turn out to be a more of a platonic relationship.

5. You’d rather do a girls night with your friends than a date night with him.

If you start dreading date nights with him, you really need to think about your feelings toward this man. A date night should feel fun and exciting, not feel like a drag.

6. You feel like he is too needy and clingy.

Although his texting patterns and conversations skills may be perfectly normal, you view it as him being way too attached. In your heart, you know this is about you, not him.

7. You stop updating him on your day.

When you like someone, they become the first person who you want to tell everything to. Whether the news is good or bad, if he seems to be the last person to hear about your day, something is up.

8. You feel no ‘spark’.

Physical attraction isn’t everything, but it definitely is something. If you look at him and feel no attraction to him physically, you won’t ever get past that obstacle.

9. When you kiss him, you don’t feel fireworks.

A kiss can say a lot about two people and their feelings towards one another. If you kiss him and feel absolutely numb, he may not be the perfect person for you. When you really like someone, their kiss can feel like an explosion of fireworks. A kiss is supposed to be fun, not a chore.

10. You are in a constant battle in your head.

When people ask you how you feel about him, your confusion is apparent. You think he’s nice and sweet, but some other part of you is not connecting with him. You are in a constant state of worry, not knowing how to break it to him.

11. You think of excuses not to see him again.

You use any excuse in the book to not see him again. Whether you blame it on yourself, or outright tell him the truth about being confused about your feelings, you will always end up distancing yourself until he finally gets the message.