11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You’re An Over-Thinker


1. Constantly tossing and turning at night.

When you’re an over-thinker, sleep is a huge issue for you. You are constantly thinking about the day you just had, and about your plans for the next week. You can’t shut off your brain even if you tried.

2. You say ‘sorry’ all the time.

You say sorry all the time to your friends and family just in case you offended or hurt anyone. You always obsess over each conversation that you have, and you can’t help but think about why you said what you said.

3. Freak out when someone unfollows or blocks you out of the blue.

When you find out that someone has unfollowed you or unfriended you, you go into crisis mode. You start thinking of every conversation you had with this person, and send them a message immediately apologizing (even though you have no idea what you did).

4. Text all your friends the morning after a huge party asking if you did anything embarrassing.

You love parties as do most people. But when you get a little too drunk and wake up the next morning unable to fully remember all the details, you panic. You never fail to ask your friends if you did anything embarrassing, and spend the whole day wanting to throw your phone off a cliff.

5. Find yourself crying over something that happened five years ago.

Over-thinkers never let things go. Whether it’s how a breakup ended, or if it’s something you said to your best friend years ago, you can’t help but get emotional thinking about your past mistakes and how you could’ve handled things differently.

6. Dream about an ex and can’t stop trying to find the meaning of it.

There is nothing like waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming about an ex. As soon as you’re fully awake, you google what it means and start to question if you are really truly over them.

7. You forget things easily.

Because you are in your head most of the time, you have the tendency to forget minor and major things. If this is case you should probably start writing lists.

8. You find hidden meaning in every single conversation you have.

No matter who you are talking to, you pay close attention to every word they are saying and study their facial expressions almost obsessively. You find hidden meaning in every interaction you have, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing.

9. You find yourself staring in space for half the day.

You can get stuck in your head and your thoughts for far too long. Whether it be in class or work, people constantly have to tell you to snap out of it and come back to reality.

10. You aren’t one for surprises.

You despise surprises. You always have to remind your friends to never, ever  throw you a surprise party, or do anything that could be shocking to you. Surprises would just cause you to overthink every aspect of their intentions and would ruin the whole day for you.

11. You are always the last person in line for pretty much anything.

You are never first in line for anything. You always have to weigh your pros and cons and look at each option carefully. Whether it be waiting in line at a food truck, or waiting in line to go skydiving, you are always questioning if you even want to do the activity in the first place.