11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Highly Sensitive Person


1. When someone snaps at you, you automatically start to cry.

No matter who it is or how comfortable you are with someone, when anyone yells at you or talks down to you, you immediately erupt in tears. You can’t stand when people are angry at you, and you never would want to let anyone down. You can’t help the tears, no matter how hard you try.

2. When someone accuses you of something, your panic will consume you, even if you didn’t do it.

Even if you didn’t make the mistake or cause the problem, whenever anyone accuses you of doing something wrong, you start to freak out. Being the sensitive soul that you are, you can’t help the feelings of panic and worry that you could’ve let someone down.

3. People often tell you, you are ‘too nice’.

You have always been known as the ‘nice’ one. You always follow the rules and always respect others. You treat everyone the way you wish to be treated, and will continue to do so because it’s in your nature.

4. You automatically weep when you see someone else cry.

You can’t help but feel overemotional when you see someone else that is hurting or in pain. You feel your own emotions pouring out of you whenever you see a stranger or someone you know fighting a battle you know nothing about.

5. You are told that you are ‘over dramatic’ by your parents.

All your life, people have called you over dramatic. Because you feel everything so loudly and passionately, you often times give people the wrong idea. In reality, you just feel with every ounce of your being and you do so without apologizing.

6. If you ask someone to hang out with you and they decline, you take it personally.

When people turn down your offer or don’t reply back, you tend to take it to another level. Even if they say they are busy, you feel like you either did something wrong, or that they have something more important to do that doesn’t involve you.

7. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t text you for a while, you start freaking out.

When you love someone, sometimes you can be even more sensitive in regards to how they treat you. If they don’t text back soon or say a certain thing back, you will be feeling emotional and confused about what is going on.

8. When your boss sends a group email out, you assume it’s only directed to you.

When your boss or anyone in your office sends an email out about an issue that needs to be addressed, you always think it’s about you and what you need to do better on. You are very sensitive to criticism and take it personally.

9. When you get an A minus, you can’t help but feel depressed you didn’t get an A plus.

Even if you aren’t a bookworm or an overachiever, when you look at test answers that you marked incorrectly, it feels like crap to know you could’ve done better.

10. Sometimes, you neglect yourself in order to please other people.

People always call you a ‘people pleaser’. You can’t help but try to do everything and anything for others. Sometimes, that means not making sure you are caring to yourself.

11. You go out of your way for your loved ones, even if they wouldn’t do the same for you.

You would walk through fire for your loved ones and would do just about anything to see them smile. You love them to death and you can take it to the next level where all you care about is their well being and not yours.