11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Talkative Person With Social Anxiety


1. Sometimes, the only reason you’re talking so much is because you’re anxious.

Sometimes you ramble way too much, especially at party or small get togethers. Your brain goes into rapid fire, and you think talking will be much better than awkward silences.

2. You overthink EVERYTHING.

Whenever you are out at a bar, or in school, or at a meeting, you are always thinking about what’s going to happen next. You are constantly in ‘go’ mood, always thinking about to say next. You love being prepared and having control over every situation.

3. People always assume you are a party animal.

Because people usually see you talking to so many people and being outgoing, they assume you are incredibly social. In reality, it takes a lot of energy and courage out of you to go to each event you attend. It’s not easy for you.

4. You need your alone time to recharge your energy.

You don’t always cancel plans, in fear of your social anxiety secret being found out, but when you do, it’s because you physically and mentally can’t. You need alone time to regain your strength.

5. You’re worst enemy is small talk.

You hate small talk because there is no way out of it. There’s no escape. There’s no way to plan what they are going to say or ask of you. It makes you incredibly nauseous and sweaty. It can even cause you to have a panic attack.

6. You have a close knit group of friends and don’t want to expand it.

You are only comfortable with your group of people. With them, you are incredibly comfortable and outgoing, not having any anxiety at all. Your favorite time is spent with them, because you’re your true self.

7. You aren’t actually trying to be rude.

A lot of people think you are rude when you don’t talk a lot to them, or if you refuse an invitation. They don’t realize it’s because you mentally can’t put on a facade all the time.

8. You have your ‘go to’ spots.

You have certain spots in your town where you know you won’t have any type of social anxiety or symptoms. You go there to regroup and to relax, even by yourself.

9. You’re an expert at faking it.

At this point in your life, you could totally be an actor or actress. You are a master at hiding your anxiety symptoms, even to your closest friends. You don’t want them to know how much effort it took to just walk to the grocery store.

10. You have low self esteem.

You have low self esteem because you don’t talk about it with anyone. You think something is wrong with you, because none of your friends seem to have to deal with it. You hate that this is how you are.

11. You’re either in the mood or you’re not.

It’s that simple. You are either in a good mood and want to be the star of the show and the party leader. OR, you just want to be alone because your anxiety is making you hate yourself and is causing you to feel incapable of going out or doing anything.