11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Empath


1. You switch your mood around depending on the vibe.

Depending on who you are with and where you are, you sometimes have to change around your emotions. If you are normally with outgoing and friendly people and are now in a situation where everyone is more reserved, you try to match their emotions out of comfort.

2. You are very in-tune to other people’s emotions.

You can sometimes look at a person and know exactly why and how they are feeling. You know that everyone needs a shoulder to lean on once in a while, and you always offer to help.

3. Seeing anyone cry, makes you cry.

You can’t help but hurt for other people when they are hurting and suffering. You feel so deeply for others, that it physically and mentally pains you when you see someone you love and even strangers going through a rough time in life.

4. You have to constantly try to spend time around positive people.

Because you have so much empathy inside of you, it can be truly exhausting. You try to hang out with people that give you positive light and happiness because you won’t have to use so much of your mental energy.

5. You can’t stand seeing other people suffer, and are constantly giving back to others.

You feel it as your duty as a human being to give back to others as much as you can. In your friend group you are known as the one who is always going to homeless shelters, fundraisers, and even making care packages for your friends who are going through a rough patch.

6. Your friends always go to you for help and advice.

Your friends know that you give the best of advice because you always try to put yourself in their shoes from their own perspective. You are the ideal person everyone goes to for help and guidance no matter what the situation is.

7. When you fall in love, you fall hard.

You feel so incredibly deeply and it can almost be overwhelming for you. When you fall in love, you feel every single emotion possible and you love with every part of your heart. When your significant other is happy, that’s all you need to feel content.

8. You need a lot of personal time for reflection.

Sometimes, life and the world can be too much for you and you need to take a step back. You spend so much time working on other people’s problems, that you need a lot of space and time for yourself.

9. You try to see the best in everyone.

No matter what someone has done or said, you try to see the best in people. You know that everyone has flaws but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily bad people. You like to find the good sides of everyone and take pride in figuring that out.

10. Many people tell you to ‘toughen up’.

Many people call you ‘soft’ and say you are too much of a suck up. In reality, you truly enjoy listening and observing other people’s emotions and journeys. It’s in your nature to be this way.

11. You are hard on yourself.

Although you try to see the best in everyone, you sometimes can be quite hard on yourself. You spend so much time listening to others, that neglecting yourself can become a pattern. You have to learn how to do both without harming yourself.