11 Things That Everyone With A Mental Illness Wants Everyone Else To Know


1. We are not weak.

We are anything but weak. We have had more struggles in our lives than you can imagine. We have spent so much time dealing with doctors, with our peers and even coming to terms with ourselves. We are never going to sway no matter how many times our mental illness tries to knock us down. We will always stay standing.

2. We are not dumb.

We are not any less intelligent than you are. We are not any less mature or put together than you are. We are all the same, except for the fact that we can’t put a bandaid or a cast on our wounds.

3. We will not be reckoned with.

We have been through too much to ever back down from bullies or from people who tell us that we are less than them. We are a strong group of individuals who have been tortured by our own demons. We have gone too far now, to ever back down because of other people’s opinions.

4. We will not let our mental illnesses define us.

We will not let anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any other illness define us. We are more than our anxiety. We are more than our panic attacks. We are smart, we are funny, and most importantly, we know we can survive anything.

5. We will not back down.

We won’t let our mental illness make us victims. We won’t fall to the ground, giving up on our dreams and our goals. We will keep climbing, and eventually, we will prosper and bloom.

6. We are stronger than we seem.

Can you imagine having something wrong in your brain, and not being able to change it with a flick of a light switch? We have to deal with our illnesses daily. And we do more than just survive. We know how to live because we cherish the good days and the good moments.

7. We aren’t psycho, unstable human beings.

Just because we go to therapy or take meds, doesn’t make us any less beautiful. In fact, we are more beautiful and magical because we grow despite our setbacks. And we smile despite our demons that weigh us down.

8. We are brave.

We know what it’s like to be so scared out of our minds, that we feel like we are dying. We know what it’s like to not be able to breathe, to feel like we are outside of our own bodies, and to feel like we can’t control our own thoughts. Yet, we keep living.

9. We are lovable.

We deserve love just like anyone else. We deserve to be adored and or be kissed like we are the best thing that person has ever seen. We deserve big love, and ever after love.

10. We feel deeply.

We feel everything with all of our cells and our bones. We have empathy. We have love in our hearts for others who struggle too. Because we know what it feels like to be disheartened, we try to give back as much as we can.

11. We love ourselves despite our setbacks.

We are badass human beings. We are stronger than any hurricane. We are stronger than any tsunami that comes our way. And we deserve to love ourselves with everything that we have and with everything that we are.