11 Things That Happen When A Really Cute Guy Stares At You From Across The Bar


1. You look around to make sure he’s actually looking at you.

You think to yourself, WOW! That guy is cute, as you simultaneously turn your head left to right to see if he’s checking you out, or the girl next to you. Oh, so he is looking at you. You become immediately intrigued.

2. You try to tell your friends without making it obvious that you’re talking about him.

“Okay guys, don’t all look at once, but that guy over there is so cute.” Then they all, of course do the one thing you told them not to, and all look at once. Now he definitely knows you’re talking about him.

3. Your friends give you their opinion.

They will either, “Oooh,” you with excitement, or shock you with silence. We’d like to think their opinion doesn’t matter, but whether we like it or not, it sways us.

4. You primp yourself.

You stand up a little straighter, brush your fingers through your hair, and probably take a glance at your boobs to see how they’re doing. You’re thinking, If he’s going to stare you may as well give him your best.

5. You try not to blatantly stare back at him.

If you could, you would stare right back at him, eyes wide, jaw opened, drool dripping, the whole works, but that would probably weird him out. You give your best effort to simply glance over every so often. You try to play the “I see you checking me out,” card without playing the, “I want to rip your clothes off, you are so friggen cute,” card. You’re going for a little mystery, hopefully it works.

6. You get bored of the staring and want him to actually come talk to you.

It’s like having a hot fudge brownie sundae sit on your kitchen counter, but no spoon to eat it with. If enough time passes, the spoon will no longer matter, and you’ll dig into that sundae face first.

7. You try to figure out why he’s not coming over to talk to you.

So he’s still checking you out, and you still have no idea who he is. You run every possibility through your mind. Maybe he has a girlfriend, maybe he is gay, maybe he has a weird stutter that he is super self conscious about, you’ve thought of every reason, but you’re still not sure why he hasn’t said hello.

8. You think about going over there, and talking to him.

It’s 2015, I can most certainly go over there and approach him first. I am woman hear my ROAR! You run the conversation through your head. You think about what you’ll say first… “I saw you checking me out,” no way too forward… “I was checking you out,” oh god no. Wow, this is harder than you thought. Maybe you’ll just wait for him a few moments longer.

9. You try to get your friends to relocate to a spot closer to him.

The bar is packed, and right now you both have a perfect view of one another, but clearly not close enough to have a conversation. You consider getting your friends to move their little wolf pack. “Guys, it’s so crowded over here, let’s move over there,” strategically right next to the cutie who’s staring.

10. When you relocate, you realize he isn’t in the same spot and hate yourself.

The second you take your eyes off of him, he disappears like a bunny in a magician’s hat. You look around the bar, and he’s nowhere to be found. So much for mysterious romance.

11. You tell yourself next time you see a guy staring, you’ll walk up to him right away.

Or you’ll sit back again, and repeat this same process over.