11 Things That Happen When Cold Weather Is Your Arch-Nemesis


1. Your friends see less of you when it’s cold outside.

You literally go into hibernation. You get really good at making excuses not to leave your apartment. If there’s snow on the ground, they’re basically expecting you to cancel.

2. You wear layers until you can’t move.

You wear leggings under your jeans and you have approximately five sweaters on underneath your flannel, which means you walk like a penguin and reach for things like your arms are sewn to your waist.

3. Your pantry looks like you could survive an apocalypse.

When cold weather is your enemy you make sure you’re always stocked with foods that don’t go bad. You have your grocery store’s entire aisle of canned goods stuffed inside your pantry.

4. You have any and every winter weather accessory a person could ever imagine wearing.

You have leg warmers, ear warmers, if they had finger warmers you would have those, well… gloves. Basically anything to keep any and every extremity of your body warm, you have.

5. You heat your home to the temperature of a sauna.

In the winter your friends or family come over and sweat. It’s comfortable for you, but for your company not so much.

6. Delivery people know your order and ask you how you’re doing.

Your so bothered by the cold that you don’t dare go grocery shopping, so when you get sick of eating canned and frozen goods you rely on delivery. Not only do they know your order, they know little details of your personal life, like what you did over the weekend, and how well work is going.

7. You only drink and eat things that are warm.

Ice isn’t in your diet. You only drink hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, and when it comes to cocktails you’re sticking to a hot toddy or spiked hot cider.

8. You’ll take a cab no matter how close your destination is.

They invented Uber for a reason, and you’re going to utilize it when the temperature is below freezing.

9. You find ways to have fun inside.

You turn charades into a drinking game, and play Monopoly with candy. You learn to have fun inside your own apartment where the wind doesn’t make you feel like your skin is falling from your face.

10. You clean even if you hate cleaning.

When you’re stuck inside and have nothing better to do, all of the dirty crevices within your living space begin to talk to you. They say, “clean me, please.”

11. You complete projects you never finished.

That craft you tried from Pinterest that has been sitting in your closet incomplete for the past 5 months, you work on it when you can’t go outside. You never really needed a DIY lava lamp made from a recycled wine bottle, but hey there’s a blizzard out there, so you may as well entertain yourself.