11 Things That Happen When You Date A Guy Who Loves His Cat


1. What drew you to him never fades — you’re consistently in awe of how cute it is when he cares for his cat. It’s like you get to see what he’ll be like as a dad, but much quieter and with more fur.

2. Hair. Hair everywhere. Literally everywhere. Even when you’re home and haven’t seem them for days.

3. You knew that laughter was the best medicine, but now it’s much more easily accessible. A bad day at work can seem a lot farther away with just a few minutes playing “string” with your boyfriend’s furry friend.

4. You learn very soon where the ‘fuck no zone’ is — as far as petting is concerned.

5. Every purse or bag you bring over promptly becomes it’s new throne/napping area.

6. You find yourself irrationally defending ‘cat people’ even though you’ve never owned a cat yourself. They’re just underrated!

7. The seasons announce their arrival a little more harshly — all of a sudden President Snuggles is making your eyes really red. Welcome to the wonderful world of quarterly allergy shots.

8. You learn that cats are nocturnal. Why are they always at their most awake at 5am? What are they doing that requires so much noise? As much as you wish you could figure it out you’ve resigned yourself to forever attempting to sleep through their early morning hunting sessions.

9. You realize there’s no better mini-massage than a cat kneading your tummy while they stick their butt in your face. (Why do cats always stick their butts in your face?)

10. There’s an excuse to take a lot more selfies and couple photos — and they’re a lot cuter with the added member of your little family.

11. You begin to wish everyone had to own a cat. Living with someone’s constant indifference (despite, you know, petting/housing/feeding them) is refreshingly humbling.