11 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re The Child Of An Alcoholic


1. You are extremely loyal. Even when someone treats you terribly, even when someone is not worthy of an ounce of your love, you stick around anyway. You forgive them for every mistake. You accept every apology. You are always there for them, even though they have never been there for you.

2. You feel guilty standing up for yourself. You would rather give into what others want than tell them no. You stay far away from conflict. You try to make everyone around you feel comfortable because you care more about their happiness than your own.

3. You have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. Instead of taking the time to take care of yourself, you take care of others first. You keep yourself busy by helping your loved ones out of bad situations and focusing their faults so you don’t have time to examine your own.

4. You have extremely low self-esteem. You are hard on yourself. You never think you are doing enough. You are paranoid about failure, which is why you imagine the worst case scenario before stepping into any situation.

5. You are addicted to excitement. You are used to unpredictability. You are used to expecting the unexpected. You are used to the feeling of adrenaline. When you fall into a routine and stop experiencing those things, you become restless.

6. You are terrified of emotional abandonment. You will do whatever it takes to keep someone around because you are scared of being abandoned. You are scared of being placed last on a list of priorities. But at the same time, you keep falling for people who are unable to fulfill those needs because you are used to them being unmet.

7. You have lost the ability to feel. You have stuffed your emotions deep down into your chest so you don’t have to deal with them. This has made you numb. This has made it hard for you to experience happiness because you are used to being stressed and sad all the time.

8. You confuse love and pityYou want to rescue people. You want to help them grow into the best versions of themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes you mistake the magnetism you feel toward them for love.

9. You are terrified of authority figures. And you are terrified of anyone who becomes angry. You are worried about what they are capable of doing to you. You are worried about the consequences of upsetting them if you happen to say or do the wrong thing.

10. You are an approval seeker. You hate criticism and avoid hearing it whenever possible. All you want is validation. You want to be told you are doing a good job. You want reassurance you are not a complete waste of space.

11. You have difficulty completing projects. You will start something with high motivation, become bored midway through, and slowly stop putting as much effort into the project until you abandon it completely. You never finish what you’ve started. Your mind changes all the time.

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