11 Unavoidable Things That Happen When You Date A Girl With A Soft Heart




1. She will break down in front of you. She will trust you enough to let her guard down, to let the tears fall. She will sob inside of your arms and hope that you will find a way to comfort her back to sanity.

2. She will need reassurance that you won’t hurt her. Her heart has been torn apart in the past. Even though she is an optimist, there will be times when her doubt gets the best of her. When she will need you to tell her that it’s okay, you’ll never leave, you’ll never hurt her like the others.

3. She will bring out your sensitive side. Even if you usually hide your emotions behind walls of rock, you will find yourself opening up around her. She will make you feel comfortable enough to express your true feelings. To reveal your inner truth.

4. She will be your motivation. When you feel your weakest, she will give you strength. She will remind you that you can stand up and fight. She will be the one person who never stops believing in you and pushes you to believe in yourself.

5. She will make you melt. Out of nowhere, she will surprise you with a sweetheart compliment that you’ve never heard before. A compliment that shows how deeply she loves you and how well she knows you.

6. She will become a part of your family. She will grab coffee with your mother. She will talk sports with your father. She will create a bond with the people who matter the most to you, because she will care about anyone you care about.

7. She will act as a mediator. Since she is a large believer in forgiveness and second chances, she will step in when you want to give up on a family member or close friend. She will urge you to step into the other person’s shoes to try to preserve your friendships.

8. She will tell you a hard truth. She never lies. She would rather look you in the eyes and give you bad news than utter an untruth. No matter how hard the words are for her to speak, she will say them. She will believe you deserve honesty.

9. She will notice when something is wrong. Before you have the chance to say anything to her, she will see that something is wrong by the sound of your voice and the way you’re holding yourself. She will be able to read your body language, which means there is no way to lie to her.

10. She will surprise you with how well she pays attention. She will memorize your favorite flavors. She will learn how you take your coffee. She will keep track of when you get hungry and cold and overtired. It won’t be long until she knows you better than you know yourself.

11. She will ask for a real commitment. She doesn’t want to be with you for now. She wants to be with you always. And she will want to know that you feel the same way about her. That you are imagining forever alongside her.