11 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Never Wanted To Be


1. You stay in toxic relationships.

You stay in toxic relationships and friendships because you think it’s what you deserve. You let their negativity influence you in the worst ways, and you let yourself drown to keep them alive. You know these relationships are bad for you, yet you stay in them.

2. You thrive on gossip.

You talk a lot of talk and have become less compassionate and empathetic as time has passed. You find yourself talking behind people’s backs, even about your friends. It makes you feel better about your life to talk shit about other people.

3. You’ve given up on your childhood dreams.

You have given up on your dreams and fantasies that you had when you were younger. You never even tried to make any of those dreams come true because you don’t think you deserve to succeed.

4. You’re stuck in the past.

You’re too stuck in the past and nostalgia makes you bitter and miserable. Whenever you think of the past, you wish it was still then, and you can’t help but remember when you were truly happy and carefree.

5. You spend too much money.

You spend way too much of your money on things you don’t need. You buy an excess amount of clothes and drinks and makeup just to make yourself feel good if only for a moment.

6. You drink too much.

You keep waking up with hangovers and honesty? It’s not cute. You aren’t in college anymore, but you keep acting like you can down those shots as if you were still eighteen. You drink to numb the pain and to forget about your current state of mind, but it makes everything worse.

7. You still live in your hometown.

You’re way too comfortable and haven’t taken that leap yet. You have always dreamed of traveling and of living in a different city or town, but you’re too scared. And you are going to regret not doing it.

8. You settle.

You settle with everything in your life. With your friendships and relationships and career choices, you don’t make the smartest of choices. Your lack of self esteem makes you feel like you aren’t lovable even though you deserve the best.

9. You never get out of your comfort zone.

You never do the things you say you always want to do. You want to be fearless and you want to live your life to the fullest, but you can’t seem to make it past that point. You always say you want to do these awesome things, but you never have the guts to actually do it.

10. You complain too much.

You aren’t grateful for your life and for yourself. You complain about your job and your friends and your family. But it’s honestly your fault and it’s up to you if you want to change.

11. You’re negative.

You are negative nancy. You alway see the glass half empty and it’s getting to be pretty pathetic. You never look at life as a beautiful thing anymore, and you always see the dark side of everything.