11 Unexpected Ways Owning A Dog Enriches Your Life


You can never fully prepare yourself for the roller coaster that is owning a dog. They sure do take you on a ride, and it’s definitely a good one. The truth is that these animals enrich our lives in so many ways that we wouldn’t even expect:

1. You never expect to feel so loved

The first time you own a dog you end up realizing what love should be like: absolute, unconditional, and without judgment. You tell yourself that the world would be a better place if only more people loved the way a dog does.

2. You never expect to buy so many lint brushes

Start thinking of dog hair as your newest accessory, because it will find its way onto all of your clothing — no matter what. Did you know that you can purchase lint brushes in bulk? You’re welcome.

3. You never expect to make so many grand entrances

You’ll find that, for your dog, seeing you is the highlight of his or her day, and they want you to know that. This is why they bombard you with so much excitement and tail wagging upon your arrival. They might even jump or spin in circles before eventually ushering you into the house. A grand entrance indeed.

4. You never expect to feel so bad about stepping on someone’s foot (or paw, rather)

When you step on a person’s foot it’s really no big deal, unless you’re wearing 5-inch heels. You’ll likely offer a quick apology and go about your day. When you step on your dog’s paw, though, you’ve never felt so awful about anything in your life. You apologize profusely and beg for forgiveness, coaxing your canine companion with treats and cuddles. That usually does the trick.

5. You never expect to cook for your dog

Let me tell you, when your dog is having stomach issues and intractable vomiting you will boil chicken and rice faster than any human ever before (it helps calm their stomach.) You will go above and beyond for your sick pup, nurturing them back to health.

6. You never expect to meet people because of your dog

Having a dog is a huge point of interest. People love to talk about them the same way they speak about their children. You’ll end up meeting other dog owners at the park or during walks. People will stop what they’re doing and ask to pet your dog. It’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize more.

7. You never expect your dog to become family

At first you promised that your dog wouldn’t be allowed on the bed or the couch. Fast-forward a couple months and the dog takes up more space in the bed than you do. You said you would never let your dog eat human food, but now he regularly sits down to enjoy dinner with everyone (even if it’s just table scraps.) Your dog has a spot in all of your family photos, and your heart.

8. You never expect to laugh so much

Dogs are often hilariously unpredictable. You will watch your dog dream and twitch in its sleep, and cock its head to the side when you ask a question. When your dog farts, and it certainly will, you’ll see him or her jump up in alarm, not knowing what it was or where it came from.  You will share so many laughable moments with your pup.

9. You never expect to learn so much

There’s a lot that you’ll take away from having a dog. If you learn anything from your dog, let it be a zest for life and the ability to live in the moment. Adopt the same level of excitement your dog has and apply it to all aspects of your life. Learn to love and forgive unconditionally.

10. You never expect to have to say goodbye

You never think about the fact that dogs have such a short time here, especially in compassion to the typical human life span. You make the very best out of that time: sit with your dog often, play with your dog often, and appreciate your dog always. You know that you make up their entire world; literally all they care about is you. Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a part of your family, and a dog is no exception. Your canine companion will be sorely missed forever. 

11. You never expect your life to be so postively impacted by a dog

As stated, you discover that the experience of owning a dog has completely enriched your life in so many ways. You are grateful, humbled, and ready to chase down life as fervently as a dog chases after its ball.