11 Unorthodox Pump-Up Songs


Be it for the gym, a looming exam, or a just particularly bland day, pump-up music is an essential component for conquering any of life’s storms. Here are a few to possibly add to your next smattering of motivational tracks:

1. Christmas Eve/Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra


If you think this song is simply reserved for the month of December — or according to the holiday sales cycle, anytime after tomorrow — think again. A gem of a song to listen to when trying to power through that late night workload.

2. Resurrection – Michael Calfan (Axwell’s Recut Version)


Although this can definitely be classified as EDM, this song feels much less “lets go spend $300 at a club and wear v-necks,” and much more “It’s 33 degrees, I’m a linebacker on the Pittsburgh Steelers, lets get this W, go 9-7, and nab that fifth seed.” Very strong gym playlist song.

3. Carry Your Throne – Jon Bellion


Up and comer Jon Bellion has been mentioned in many a music post, which is mostly because he’s one of the most original, awe-inspiring, and potential-filled musicians in the world today. Carry Your Throne, which was released yesterday, is like if Game of Thrones had a musical baby.

4. She Is Beautiful – Andrew W.K.


Party-master Andrew W.K. is known for his hard-hitting yet, positive and upbeat songs. You may remember this from one American Pie. 

5. The Young And The Hopeless – Good Charlotte


Technically emo, technically incredibly depressing. But when you can take songs like this and move beyond the depression — make them into something duly powerful — the pump-up becomes supreme.

6. Don’t Let Me Fall – B.o.B.


Great song, great buildup, great video. Not exactly a hard-hitting banger, but thoughtful and energetic enough to really shine.

7. Spitfire – Porter Robinson


Every time I listen to this song I feel like I’m about to commit a high-stakes bank robbery. I never act on the feeling, which is probably a pretty good thing.

8. Right Now – SR-71


Also great for refusing to admit that high school ended 7 years ago.

9. Snake In The Grass – Waka Flocka Flame ft. Cartier Kitten


A list of “unorthodox pump-up songs” definitely requires some trap. Waka Flocka certainly fits the bill.

10. Pacific Rim – Tom Morello


About once every two months, I spend 4-6 minutes driving acquaintances into stifling boredom by telling them how great a movie Pacific Rim is. This theme song, done in part by Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, is a killer.

11. First Breath After Coma – Explosions In The Sky


Nowadays, Explosions in the Sky is associated with this pretty excellent, I’m a grown adult but also a five-year old child Friday Night Lights-like wonder. Unorthodox pump-up to the max.

featured image – Carry Your Throne