11 Ways A Boy Is Ruining Your Life


1. You never have any fun when you’re out with your friends, because you wish you were with him instead. You keep thinking about how much more fun you’d be having if he was sitting next to you, holding your hand, instead of enjoying the moment with your closest friends.

2. You can’t concentrate on your work, because you’re distracted by texts from him and thoughts of him. He’s constantly on your mind and it’s making you a lot less productive than usual.

3. You live for him and dress for him. If you wear something sexy, something you feel confident in, but then you don’t end up running into him that day, you feel like you wasted your outfit. Like your entire day was a waste.

4. You cry over him all the damn time. It’s rare for you to go to sleep without sobbing first, because you’re either upset about something he did or something he didn’t do.

5. You’ve given up everything for him. Your career. Your friends. Your family. Everything. You gave it all up for love without thinking twice.

6. You’ve purposely changed yourself to impress him. You’ve joined a gym, gone on some crazy diet, or bought a whole new wardrobe. It’s not making you any happier. But all you care about is his happiness.

7. Every time you post on social media, you have him in mind. You post pictures and statuses that you hope he’ll like — and if he doesn’t, you get upset. You might even take down the post because you suddenly don’t like it as much as you used to.

8. When your phone beeps and it’s not him, you’re disappointed. You don’t even want to answer your friend’s text, because they’re boring compared to your crush. All you want is him. You don’t need anyone else’s messages clogging up your screen.

9. Ever since you’ve let him into your life, you’ve been a lot more stressed than usual. You keep noticing more pimples and are having sleeping problems. Loving him has taken a toll on you.

10. You’re pushing away every other boy that you could have a future with — all because of some other boy that hasn’t even committed to you yet. Some boy that might not even want to settle down with you.

11You barely spend any time with your family and friends, because you’re always with him or waiting on him. He’s all you care about. He’s become your entire world.